The United States of Being

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

We are not a world of separate individuals.

Regardless of what our passports might say and no matter what the lawmakers would have us believe, we are not divided by the country-states in which we live. Such divisions are unreal, they exist in the world of concept alone, no matter the paper they’re printed on and despite how fanatical their rules and boundaries are enforced.

Our ideologies are an illusion, and so too are the personal identities we cling to so fiercely. It is only our perceptions that divide us, nothing else.

In truth, we are united by our common state of being, where every atom is a universe unto itself. Together, we are the United States of Being, each of us with an infinite array of potentiality within.

We are united in our being-ness. It is our is-ness that defines us — not our country, age, gender, skin colour, skills, talents, possessions or professions. Not even a distinction of different species can segregate the Is-ness we all share. We are all individuals — including every animal, fish and tree — every one as important as the next.

We may call it the human race, but there is no race, no matter what society tries to imply. There is nothing to be gained in trying to dominate one another; neither man over fellow man, nor man over mother nature. There is nothing to be won in our human race other than the realization of this one true, essential nature.

In the United States of Being, we are our own Creator.

It’s true, you are the Creator and everything you perceive is the Created. Your world is merely a creation of mind — it is a Universe that bends to your every whim. All that you perceive — all of your concepts, opinions, hopes, desires, fears, and beliefs — emanate entirely from within. Your world is created by how you react and respond to the phenomena that surrounds you. Whatever you think, becomes.

If you think of yourself as lonely and afraid, then so you will be. If you think of yourself as loving and kind, then that you are.

Your world is of your own creation. Wherever you mind goes, there you are.

In the United States of Being, we are all one. It is our consciousness alone that is the sole plane of existence in which we all dwell — man, woman, animal, tree — all of creation exists only within our mind. We are infinite. We are limitless, so why create walls where there are none?

There is an infinite universe within you, just waiting to be realized. Our awareness unites us.

Together, we are the United States of Being.