Video Blog: Why is it so hard to be yourself?

Do you struggle with the belief that you’re not allowed to just be yourself?

Do you feel like your sense of self is being trampled upon by those around you, and that your self-expression is somehow being unfairly limited or confined?

Do you feel like others are trying to force you into their definition of who they want you to be?

"Why can’t I just be myself!”

In order to effectively answer this question, let me first ask you this:

Do you truly know who the self is that you’re struggling to try and be?

Who is this self that feels like it's being suffocated?

Join me for 20 minute walk on the beach with my dog Koda while I explore these troubling existential questions, and see that the answer is much simpler than you could ever possibly imagine.

Thanks for watching, much love...
Brian Thompson