The Universe is Impersonal

Words and design by Brian Thompson.

The universe is impersonal.

And, since you are like a leaf dangling from one of its countless, outstretched limbs, unified with its infinite totality, your presence is impersonal too.

There is nothing individual about any of this—including you.

All that Is, is universally and harmoniously one. No thing can be considered distinct or apart from all the rest.

In truth, no thing exists. There is only That which Is, the ever-flowing stream of consciousness, complete with all of the illusions that appear within it, and you are That—not the illusions, but the consciousness in which all things are being dreamed.

We (as the people we seem to be) are a process of the universe—a presence of consciousness, being. Our beingness, is the dreaming. There is nothing separate about us, or any of this—all that Is, is inter-connected and mutually co-arising, spontaneous and without any reason whatsoever.

We are consciousness, knowing itself, experiencing itself through the illusory objects of its own dreaming.

We get tripped up, however, when the mind overlays a personalized story of a personal self on top of the universal awareness that shines through it. We then mistakenly believes ourselves to be a separate entity that stands apart from the rest of manifestation.

We become mentally attached to the name and form we've been given (the body and mind we appear to be) and assumes that this seemingly-independent package is our sole reality. But in truth, this belief remains nothing other than a product of imagination—a falsely conceived story—just another part of the dream.

Our illusory concept of a personal self-identity distorts the truth of our interconnected beingness. It constricts conscious awareness into a self-centered delusion that then suffers from its overwhelming sense of being alone—confused, fearful, unsatisfied, and unhappy.

Our dream of separateness must be awoken from.

We must realize that we are not what we seem. We must realize awareness as being the one true Self there is.

When you realize that you are universal and not personal, the egoic mirage begins to fade. Identify yourself as the unbound presence of pure awareness that you are and not as anything that appears within it. Realize yourself to be the Universal Self that permeates all that truly Is.

Your truth is invisible, impersonal, selfless, and nameless.

The entire universe appears within you, as you—and you are That.

There’s nothing personal about any of this.