Your knowingness is all-encompassing; your awareness is absolutely everything

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Know your Self and be free of all that binds you, troubles you, confuses you, and causes you despair.

Know yourself—but not as the individual personality you believe yourself to be, nor as the body and all of its collected memories, thoughts, opinions, knowledge and beliefs.

You are none of that, because in truth, “you” don’t even exist.

You are not the biology you appear to be. No, you are not the physical manifestation—“you" are its underlying essence, a presence of being that perceives these very words, that animates the form of the person you temporarily call “me".

The truth of “you” is the Knowingness that knows— the seed of sentience itself. While your thoughts of “me” on the other hand, are just that… a thought, a concept with an individual identity you’ve become lost within.

You are beyond any such concept.

Know your Self as the pure Awareness that is behind and between any and all activities of mind. Realize that whatever appears to you, is not you—including all thoughts and emotions, including all apparent objects and forms, including all sensations and experiences. You are the Knowing that perceives all such things, nothing more.

The mind makes you believe you are something you are not. Realize that you are not mind, nor any of its illusory manifestations.

You are pure consciousness—empty of any characteristic, empty of any mental projection, empty of any physical form. You are the formless presence that is freedom itself, an absolute and unchanging presence that is always Here, that is always Now. It is impossible to be anything other than this.

Wherever and whenever you are, for you, consciousness, it is always here and now. Anything other than your direct and intimate experiencing in the present moment is an illusion of mind.

Consider this for a moment—“you" don’t move through places and time, rather, places and time move through you—your presence of consciousness. Consciousness isn’t inside the body, the body is inside consciousness. And so, the belief that you move throughout the world and exist within time is merely the mind moving within consciousness, dreaming its dream and projecting its illusions onto the screen of awareness.

Your Knowingness is all-encompassing; it never moves the slightest, as all things move within it.

You, awareness, are omnipresent. This presence of Knowingness that you are is Absolute Reality, it stretches for infinity in all ten directions. It is changeless; never limited, never obscured.

If you investigate your experience of being, it will be seen that nothing can ever possibly happen outside of this Knowingness that you are, as your awareness is absolutely everything.

And yet, you continue to be confounded by a false reality, created by a false personal self, who you believe is separate from the false world it perceives, who is filled with false personal problems, all of which are only relative to the false world that doesn’t even exist.

It’s a fantastic and entertaining hallucination; but one that remains an illusion; one created by mind and perpetuated only by your continued belief in its false reality. Empty of belief, the dream dissolves and only the bliss of pure consciousness remains—unfettered by mind.

It’s a bizarre moment when you realize that for all these years, you believed you were something you were not, and that all that you had to do was identify with awareness alone, rather than with the creations of thought that appeared within it.

You were confused only by your own delusions.

When this truth is understood, experientially, and not just cognitively or intellectually, there is no longer a need to cling to the false personal identity. You surrender the false self to empty awareness, and you awaken from the dream entirely, realizing the pure presence of consciousness that you have always been.

Transcend body, transcend mind... and just Be the Self you already are.