Move beyond your preoccupations with mind

Words and image design by Brian Thompson.

Move beyond your preoccupations with memory-consciousness, knowledge-consciousness and self-consciousness, and abide whole-heartedly in the spontaneity of total presence.

Be one with the ecstatic, alive vibrancy of unlimited awareness.

Know the primordial essence of the Self and be free from what ails you.

Allow the intimate immediacy of the here and now to reveal present-moment-consciousness to be all that truly Is. All else is an unreal illusion created by imagination, parading as reality; trapping happiness inside of an unretrievable past, and within the concept of an unrealizable future.

Merge the thinking mind into the silent witnessing of your original Self-nature. Be one with what Is—the clarity of unobscured Awareness itself—not its contents, but its clear and pure presence, unstained by the convoluted, false creations of the ego.