The world is a rollicking wave of unexpected inevitability

words & design by Brian Thompson.

"Stop pointing fingers and placing blame on others. Your life can only change to the degree that you accept responsibility for it."
—Steve Maraboli

If you find yourself continually struggling in life, become conscious of your relationship with the present moment.

If you're always believing yourself to be the victim of wrongdoing or the unfair recipient of bad luck, then you're simply not being accepting of the integral part you play in your very own life.

No longer place blame—in truth, any so-called "fault" for your unsettled-self rests solely upon you.

If you perceive a problem, then one will certainly appear (but only within mind). Quit looking for imperfections within every moment and within everything—instead, look for the beauty and perfection!

No longer react to the world, but rather, mindfully respond. Quit taking everything so personally.

When you spill your coffee... laugh!

When you're cut off in traffic... smile and say, after you!

When you get snarled at by a co-worker... ask, is everything ok?

When sadness arrives... greet it with compassion, understanding and endless love.

Realize that any resistance you have to life will only be turned against you.

This is the immutable law of life. Whatever energy you exert into the world will be returned to you in kind.

What's the sense in getting angry at the wind? The wind will blow, and then it won't—so simply hold onto your hat and weather the storm. It'll pass.

There's no blame to ever be placed, as there's none to ever be found. Life is always happening. It never goes as planned and it can't be controlled.

The world is a rollicking wave of unexpected inevitability; resisting this endless movement of life will only knock you down.

Dissolve your habit of blaming others—no one can live your life but you.

This is your world—your projection—and your perception.

However you choose to see it is entirely up to you.