Taste an orange, forgetting its name

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Taste an orange, forgetting its name. Be empty of all opinion and thought.

This is the non-duality of a direct, undivided experience. This is tasting the truth of reality; one that is absolute and impartial.

This is Zen.

This is the bliss of pure presence of being.

The moment a thought appears and awareness is diverted onto its mental form, reality then becomes distorted by the psychological concept that envelops the actual experience itself. The truth becomes obscured.

Quiet all thought. Be still.

Reality is empty of any concept, it is absent of them entirely. Experience every moment in the totality of its undivided truth, without turning its natural nothingness into a falsely imagined something.

Realize this unified reality at once, unblemished by duality of mind—pristine, perfect and pure.

Effortlessly remain in this unbroken intimacy of perception—a spontaneity of awareness that knows with no words. Relax your clinging to concepts. Relax all reliance upon thought.

See the natural harmony of all that is, no longer divided by the false duality of mind.