Reader Question: Is what we see a dream or reality?

Words and poster design by Brian Thompson.


Is what we see a dream or reality?


Consciousness (or rather, the Awareness in which it arises) is Absolute Reality.

The contents of our aware presence of consciousness are momentary dreams, unreal, without any independent existence outside of the mind that is conceiving and perceiving them.

Life transforms itself, while the aware emptiness in which it unfolds remains—all of which happens in the infinite spaciousness of this present moment that we call, Now.

Each sensation and every perception; each thought and every experience, rises and falls within awareness like waves on the surface of the sea.

You are this sea of Being—an impersonal presence.

While the forms arising within this consciousness continually change, the water itself remains as one seamless whole.

You see, the waves are only an appearance dancing on the sea's surface—just as how everything we see (and think) are nothing but sensational appearances arising within awareness. All things come, and all things go, none last—no matter what sort of thing it appears to be—but you, as each thing's perceiving presence, remain as you are.

As pure awareness, you alone exist, nothing else does.

And this is your true Self—the inescapable and beautiful aware nothingness called Now, in which our Being Presence (and the psychological entity that we each presume ourselves to be) is nothing but yet another disappearing appearance.

In truth, there is no 'you' as you believe yourself to be, for you are the selfless consciousness in which this whole drama that we call The World & Me unfolds.

Despite whatever you may think, you are already the perfect, unbound Reality in which the entire universe appears to exist—but even that is nothing but a conceptual appearance, of which you are its witness.

Identify your Beingness with Reality, and not the dream.

Awaken from the dream-of-mind and realize the unconditioned bliss of the Absolute.