The Story of "You"

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

Quit allowing your mind to create stories about every little thing it encounters and perceives.

Your experiences are real, but the personalized stories you build around them are not. When you identify yourself with such conceptualized illusions, you conjure chaos inside your mind.

However, these stories that we tell ourselves are the very source of all our suffering—the stories about our past, about our upbringing, about who did us wrong, about who said what to whom, about all the things we think we lack, about all the things we crave, about all the things we believe ourself to be, and about all the things we love and loathe.

The stories you tell yourself create a “you” which is not true.

In fact, your stories tear you into two—they separate you from the truth of you!

If we want to be free from all of the problems that we perceive ourselves to be mixed up in, then we must first put an end to the fictional world-building that grows out of control inside our heads.

We must stop believing in whatever's untrue! And that includes virtually everything we tend to think about our “self".

When the self has no more stories of victimization to dwell upon, then nothing remains for the self to attach its sense of lack onto. With no more stories to identify itself with, then nothing appears to be missing. With no more stories, then there’s no more stress. With no more stories, there’s no longer anyone to blame, for nothing is ever perceived to be wrong!

We are habitual story builders—it’s in our nature to weave webs of ponderous thought around everything. But with practice, we can learn to settle our minds into the totality of our moment-to-moment experiences, without trying to conceptualize what everything means.

When we do this, the abundant bliss of life becomes clear.

After all, our present experience is all there truly is—nothing more is needed. Any additional abstraction of thought that we add onto it is a wrongly-perceived duality that will only distance us further from the truth of our being.

When the victimized-self finally fades away along with all of the stories that created it, then the true-self is able to emerge in its natural state of peace, calm, and happiness.

So put an end to your ongoing personal commentary—your life needs no narration—in truth, your vibrant and infinite awareness is all you need.