A New Cultural Phenomena: Allergies to Inauthenticity

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

I've become absolutely allergic to inauthenticity.

I seem to have developed an itch whenever I encounter someone who isn't genuine. For example, I break out in a severe rash whenever I encounter the falsity of pretend appearances.

Whenever I run into someone who's clearly trying too hard to impress, I sneeze.

Whenever I glance at mostly everything that’s in the media, whether it’s celebrities or politicians in the press, and mostly everything on TV…. I sneeze.

I'm no longer immune to much of what I see on websites or on people’s personal blogs, which is unfortunate since it used to be such a pure domain of unbridled and passionate expression. But now, each time I try to read a post, I'm inundated by relentless pop ups, product placements, advertisements, sales pitches, and banal Top Ten Lists whose only goal is to get more clicks… and I sneeze.

Whenever I see someone who’s desperately trying too hard to create a viral hit, I sneeze.

I sneeze when I see people posing to be someone they’re not, in hopes they’ll be perceived as someone who they want to be. I get cold shivers when money, attention, or so-called fame gets priority over everything else in society.

I break out in a rash when I see those who try to reap all of the fruit without doing any of the picking. I sneeze when I see anyone who believes that the end justifies the means.

I even sneeze when I say thank-you to the cashier who doesn’t acknowledge me, even though she’s right there in front of me, sharing the same space, sharing the same time, breathing the same air, and sharing the very same moment of infinity.

I know I’m not alone. There’s countless others who are afflicted by this very same allergy; perhaps you’re one of them.

But there is a cure, and you can help.

Whenever someone is genuinely being authentic and real, who speaks from their heart, who doesn’t try to be something they’re not, and who’s impassioned actions of integrity back up their words, their very presence is an instant remedy for the soul.

The purity of authenticity creates an honest connection that creates change. It purifies.

And no matter how simple it might be, and no matter how softly or quietly it might be expressed, there's a mutual exchange of positive energy that no pretentious display of false insincerity could ever possibly convey.

Authentic people are the ones who create refreshing and invigorating interactions, they’re the ones who create inspiring and memorable art and music, products and companies, they’re the ones who manifest their inspiring visions into community-changing realities — they’re the ones who are the antidote to the cultural allergen of those who only crave attention without creating any value.

The world needs more people who aren't afraid to express themselves as they truly are. Be who you are, speak your truth and live it — with honesty, integrity, compassion and genuine authenticity.