You dream your own reality

words and design by Brian Thompson.

All things are whatever you believe them to be.

Whatever you perceive as being “real”, is only “real” for you. And so it can be said, we create our own reality.

We dream reality into being with every thought, with every opinion, with every discernment, with every interpreted sensation, with every memory, with every learned piece of knowledge, and with every belief.

All of this is a dream of mind—none of which should be taken very seriously.

Reality is, and always has been, open to interpretation—which also means that with it comes many mis-interpretations, omissions, oversights, and blatant un-truths.

Our perspective is grossly handicapped. How could we possibly know what is real from such a restricted point of view as from that which appears in our awareness through the limited position of our physical senses?

Reality is all-inclusive—unified, whole, infinite and eternal, empty of any definition—our perceptions however, are not.

The best we can do therefore, is to abide in the immediacy of each intimate experience—as it happens—without heaping wads of thought on top of it. We mustn’t linger upon any moment or experience that has already moved beyond us, for it is no longer “real”.

All that is real is whatever is before us—here and now—unfiltered by mind. Whatever is not now, is not the truth—it’s merely a memory, biased by personal subjective interpretation.

Once you're able to perceive thoughts for the illusions they truly are, the world will no longer appear to be so conflicting.

Resistance dissolves as problems are no longer perceived—or rather, they're no longer believed. They’re let go of and forgotten as soon as they appear.

All of our worries and miseries are an illusion—a nightmare created by mind, brought into being by our belief in the unreal that projected them—the false self. Be free from all of the tragedy, suffering, and drama that your non-existent “self” tries to involve you in by wrestling with the past, arguing with the present, and fearing the future.

Question your thinking mind and laugh at your thoughts—know that they are not the truth.

You are not your thoughts—you are the presence of awareness that perceives them.

All else is a dream of mind.