Peering at Life through a Keyhole

words & design by Brian Thompson.

We perceive life no differently than if we were looking through a keyhole—our point of view is narrow and limited.

Anything we perceive through this tiny little window is incomplete; it's a mere fraction of the whole that surrounds it.

Whenever we form a belief, or place a judgement, or make a choice that's based entirely on something we've perceived through our tiny little personal keyhole, then no matter what the nature of our actions might be, they are done in ignorance. We are ignorant of the unseen environment that surrounds our narrow perspective (the entire universe), and we are ignorant of the critical affect that subjectivity plays in the apperception of what is perceived.

For the most part, people are ignorant of the corrupting role their subjectivity imparts on their present-moment cognition.

They remain unaware of the duality they conceptually impose onto everything they perceive. They are unconscious to the truth of their being and how their ignorance of it impacts their every perception.

As long as we remain asleep and unaware of our own consciousness, then whatever false ideas we have of ourselves will continue to be falsely projected onto our perception of reality. The world becomes a reflection of whatever resides within our minds—and so, ignorance can only reflect ignorance.

Most people tend to believe that their personal view is the only view, and that anything outside of their little peephole is completely irrelevant to them. “Why should I be bothered by that which doesn’t directly affect me?” the unconscious repeatedly say to themselves.

Those who are falsely self-centered dwell inside a lonely little world that they alone have created, where only they are able to reside. They allow the limiting light from their little keyhole to dominate not only themselves, but whoever might appear to stand in its way. They build walls around their delusion as if it were an entire kingdom, defending its non-existent manifestation with every effort of their being.

This is the duality that divides us—the belief that your little sliver of reality is somehow more important than mine, and that your discernments are the undeniable and unshakeable truth to which all others should kneel before and bow.

But whenever you are convinced that you are absolutely right, then you are entirely wrong.

There are no absolutes, other than the unbound Universal Consciousness that is the undying essence of all That Is and all That Is Not. There is only one Absolute, and that is the undivided Reality itself.

When we choose to ignore the truth of what's beyond our present scope of perception and we base all of our thoughts, decisions, beliefs and so-called knowledge from one tiny, insubstantial sliver of the whole, then we live inside a false world of ignorance and delusion. We live inside our mind’s eye rather than abiding in the peaceful perfection of the Truth that’s undivided by mind.

Existing in such a dualistic way causes nothing but suffering.

It emotionally separates us from the rest of our environment—from the beauty of nature and from the bliss of the world. We become consumed by a self-centered mindset that bounces us back and forth between feelings of lack and conflict, desire and fear, and pain and pleasure.

Each person pits themselves squarely against the rest of the world. From this distorted viewpoint of duality, MY achievements, MY pleasures, MY success and MY sense of gain are the most important things in the world—and that’s exactly what I will FIGHT for.

To all of those who remain asleep and unaware, this is the ugliness that rules the world. We must awaken and unveil the unbound awareness through which our eyes truly perceive. We must open the doors to our closed peceptions and look through a keyhole no more.

Dissolve your egoic reliance on selfish pursuits, concepts and opinions, otherwise you will continue to be emotionally imprisoned by all of your false judgements and beliefs. You will remain unhappy and un-free.

Liberate yourself from all that you believe to know.

It is impossible to know all of reality, but it is entirely possibly to understand it.

This is awakening to the truth and the heart of Self-Realization—the wisdom of the undivided Awareness that is, I AM.