each mistake is a step towards wisdom — if you allow it be

words & photo by Brian Thompson, model & Photo editing by Jennifer Picard Photography.

i used to get crazy frustrated with my writing. proofreading a new piece seemed to take forever, and even after all that time spent working on it, i could never seem to get my words quite right. everything still seemed jumbled and unintelligle. i struggled so much with my grammar that i would bring myself to a boiling point of frustration — not very zen of me.

what i’ve learned since then, is that every single frustration i have is an active moment of learning — it is the very process of knowledge and understanding itself, in action.

so whenever i feel a frustration rising within me now, i know it’s for the betterment of my future self. i try my best to rest easy, knowing that whatever it is i’m currently facing, i’m improving myself — i’m in the very midst of making my future self wiser and more skilled.

everything in life is like this.

are you learning from your frustrations?

to the gamers out there, you know exactly what i’m talking about. the anger you feel after having having your player die over and over again is eventually redeemed once you complete whatever level you’re on. once the level is conquered, you’ll probably never struggle with the same level ever again — your skill has improved. you understand how it works now — you get it.

just think how easy the learning process would be if you didn’t get angry!

just think how fantastic it would feel to develop new skills without having to torture yourself with misspent frustration, anger, stress, or by unfairly beating yourself up — you just tap into the flow of your becoming.

each mistake is a step towards wisdom — if you allow it be.

just yesterday i attempted to make a batch of vegan waffles for breakfast. wow, did i ever mess that one up. it’s such a simple process, and yet there was still about five different things i somehow screwed up. admittedly, i was mildly frustrated — i ruined breakfast after all! but, i now know what i did wrong and because of that, i know next time my waffles will be flawless and delicious. i can’t wait! so instead of ruining my mood and my vibe, i ended up just laughing at my fumbling attempt, knowing next time my waffles would turn out much better — and nothing was thrown across the room.

this is the process of all things — including building healthy relationships, learning the guitar, going to class, training for a new job, or working on your inner, spiritual self.

whenever you begin to feel frustrated, observe the situation and learn from it. did you act unskilfully somehow to create the predicament you’re in? are you paying proper attention to what you’re doing? are you being mindful? what can you do differently next time?

every frustration you experience is an opportunity for you to awaken to its inner teaching.

be easy on yourself. have patience — you’re learning!