creating your life's work within each and every moment

words & photo by Brian Thompson.

behind every manmade creation that we take for granted — whether it be a book, a movie, a piece of art, a toy, a game, a building, a recipe, or a piece of technology — somewhere out there, there is one sole person who dedicated their entire life to its creation, so that you could experience the fruit of their vision, talent and labour.

a person's entire life culminated into this one-of-a-kind and unique piece of artistic creation.

all of their life’s experiences were poured into making whatever it eventually became. all of their time and commitment in nurturing their skills, all of their patience through years of education and practice, and all of the persistence through countless heart-breaking failures. all of their sleepless nights and worries about unpaid bills. all of their fights with loved ones who thought they were wasting their time.

they devoted their entire life into bringing their dream into physical being — often without even really knowing what they were doing.

most never knew the final product would turn out the way it did. most had nothing more than a seed of an idea, but nonetheless they committed themselves to nurturing it — just to see what its potential might one day create. in other words, they took a chance on the unknown.

when i look at all the things of the world, i try to imagine the person responsible. i try to envision their confidence and belief, and their unflinching tenacity in turning a dream into a fully realized act of artistic expression and completion. what a fantastic thing!

everything that’s not naturally of the Earth came to be through the minds of men.

all the things we interact with, use, and entertain ourselves with, first started as someone's mere thought — it was nothing more than a whimsy of an idea — but they believed it was possible.

that building you spend your days in, it once only existed in the mind of an architect, before he put pencil to paper.

that album you love, a musician dedicated her life into honing her talent to bring her beautiful music to your ears.

that medicine you took to cure your affliction, a doctor dedicated their life to research and finding a cure to eradicate your illness.

that electronic device that’s in your pocket, it was once only a thing of science fiction. it was only the dream of a forward-thinking futurist author, until someone decided to bring together all of their creativity, knowledge, skill and business acumen into its actual design and making.

the afghan blanket you cuddle up with at night when you watch a movie, that was the life-work of your grandmother. her love and intention is imbued within every crocheted stitch of yarn.

the delicious bread you brought home from the bakery, that was the life-work of an inspired baker who one day dreamed of carrying on a family legacy.

these are much more than jobs — they are people’s entire lives.

so what are you dedicating your life to? will there be something beautiful left behind to inspire others or to somehow improve someone's life?

you see, no matter what it is you do, you dedicate your entire life to it, because this is the only moment that’s ever guaranteed. at some point, you will experience your final moment. at some point, you will create your very last thing. everything you’ve ever done and everything you’ve ever been through has came together to intersect into this very moment in time — by reading these very words, you’ve dedicated the only life you have to this very task.

that blows my mind.

if your only endeavour is to make money or to acquire power or fame without there being any other benefit to the rest of the world, then your life will be destined to be sad and empty, as everything in your making was done only to further narcissistic greed.

our endeavours must be filled with purpose, passion and integrity in order to have fulfilling lives.

make a difference. express yourself. create something beautiful. bring change. inspire others. motivate all of those who follow after you to improve on whatever’s left behind. help elevate humanity to a new level of evolution, appreciation, peace and understanding, through whatever it is you do, no matter how big or small it may seem.

every single thing you do is your life’s work.

no more waiting is needed. make this moment count — your entire life brought you here, now what will you do with it? you are an intrinsic part of the process of life, what will you contribute?

what will you create with the one life you have?