Be still within awareness, as awareness

Words and image design by Brian Thompson.

You mistakenly believe yourself to be whatever the mind implies.

You are not any thought, for you are the presence of awareness in which all thoughts appear. You are that which is aware, here and now. Everything else is a momentary event that’s passing through awareness, including every thought, emotion, sensation, perception, and belief.

Any sense of unhappiness, displeasure, or discontent experienced is not truly yours; it is the mind's. And the mind is not you. What we call the mind is just a stream of thoughts that we mistakenly self-identify with. But in reality, the mind doesn’t even exist; it only appears to when you give it the energy of attention.

Stop feeding the mind. Stop listening to it. Stop arguing with it. Stop trusting it—ignore it entirely.

No longer give it the power of your belief and its restless worry will soon dissolve. The ego will always have problems, but your true Self, Pure Awareness, has no problems whatsoever.

The mind needs awareness to sustain itself, but awareness needs nothing whatsoever. It is self-sufficient and self-fulfilling. It abides peacefully within its presence of absolute bliss.

As Awareness, you are already free—you just need to realize it.

Allow the mind’s provocations to settle into the silence of the Self. Its opinions are not yours. Be undisturbed by whatever thoughts appear and grant them all to pass through awareness unhindered.

Abide in absolute presence, not in thought. Reclaim consciousness from the egoic mind and be still within awareness, as awareness.

Know your Self and all will be well.