You are not the manifestation, you are its essence

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Just as the eye cannot see itself, neither can mind see itself.

Mind, however, isn’t something tangible or located. Mind is a word used to describe the collective output of ideation and mentation that spontaneously arises within oneself, but it is not the brain itself. It is the continuum of autonomous thought; an aggregate of mental phenomena that is sensed.

And so, mind is actually just another sensory perception. Mind is the sixth sense, no different than sight, hearing, taste, smell, or touch. Mind is perceived, but it cannot perceive itself, just as teeth cannot bite themselves, or a finger can not touch itself.

So, what then, is mind perceived by?

The mind appears within consciousness—as all sensations and perceptions do. Mind is a phenomenal appearance within your presence of awareness, which is the noumenon of your entire sense-of-being.

Awareness is your Is-ness.

This noumenal essence—consciousness—is your true Self (as opposed to the imagined-false-self that the egoic-personality asserts itself as, which is nothing more than thought-forms the mind has mistakenly self-identified itself with).

It is this “presence-of-being" that affords you the self-awareness to realize, without even needing to think a thought, that... I Exist.

Awareness does not differ from one person, creature, or plant to the next. It is the very same aware essence that permeates all phenomenal manifestations. Awareness is awareness—it does not change from one biological specimen to the next. It is this formless, empty, nothingness that animates all forms, making them appear to be “something"—but in truth, all forms are impermanent and transient, while their fundamental formless essence remains unchanging; infinite and eternal.

You are consciousness—not a body, nor a brain.

Not a mind, nor its memories. Not its perceptions, nor its experiences—because all such things appear within awareness.

If you allow some quiet inner-space to exist between “you" and an emotion, or between “you” and a thought, or between “you” and a physical sensation, you will see how “you" are witness to all such things. These perceptions are therefore not actually you, for “you” are their observer.

However, the mind mistakenly identifies itself with whatever it perceives—and this is the source of our emotional suffering, confusion and existential delusion. We mistakenly self-identify with whatever appears within awareness, thinking that we are it, or relative to it.

But we are not relative to anything. We, as Awareness—are Absolute.

You are the universal consciousness, perceiving itself.

You (the mind-body) are merely an object of consciousness perceiving other objects of consciousness. You are consciousness, experiencing itself. Universal Consciousness is the only true subject there is. All other manifestations are merely objects-of-perception within it, misperceiving themselves as subjects. This is the false self, which then asserts its false sense of duality onto the world it perceives, which it sees as being separate and apart from itself—rather than one with.

And so, as consciousness, you are the inner observer to the human that you (consciousness) physically appear to be, and that you (consciousness) experience the world through.

As such, you are not the phenomenon, you are the noumenon. You are not the appearance, you are the aware presence. You are not the manifestation, you are its essence.

One source, with infinite unique and transient manifestations.

The sun casts endless shadows upon the world, but none of the shadows are the sun itself. Similarly, consciousness reflects through each of the phenomena that it arises within, but it is not the phenomena itself.

Our human-delusion (and suffering) arises when mind identifies itself as the manifested phenomena it shines through (the body-mind mechanism), rather that with the universal consciousness that gives it its sentience and resulting sense of I-Amness.

And so, we are all truly one and the same.

We are not the ego, the personality, or the biological mechanism that we at first appear to be. We are the perceiving Awareness within.

When we identify as Awareness, all problems dissolve since it is realized—with absolute and unquestioned clarity—that all problems only appear to the falsely imagined false self—and you are not that.

Find the “I” that is always and effortlessly aware, forever unchanging, and you will realize the true Self that is, I Am.

I Am is the infinite and unbound awareness the entire universe arises within—and you are That.