Video Blog: The Illusion of Separation

What does it mean to perceive your perceptions?

When you observe your own presence, you will realize that you are consciousness, perceiving. You are the presence of knowing, through which all apparent things are known to you.

The truth of your being is not that you are the perceiver however, nor are you what you perceive; but rather, your are the continuous process of perceiving itself.

When you identify yourself with your perceptions your mind imagines a separation within reality that isn’t truly there. You then believe there is a “me” and “them”, rather than an “us”.

This is a mistake of perception.

This illusion of division that we perceive between ourselves and our environment, and between one another, is the root cause of our resistance in life—which is why suffering appears.

By becoming aware of your awareness however, and by perceiving your own perceiving, you clear the clouds of misperception, awaking your true Self from the dream of mind.

And this is the blissful truth that seeing life through the lens of non-duality reveals.

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