Co-creating each other's moments in time

words by Brian Thompson, photo by Jennifer Picard Photography.

We perceive time to be a unit of measurement that we each individually possess. Regardless of how quickly it seems to tick along, we believe it to be all ours, to do with however we please.

We bounce from one moment to the next, leaving a trail of time behind us that each of us calls our history. This is our personal timeline, we think. This is my past, this is my present, and here's what I hope my future will someday become.

"This is my time," we think. "This moment is mine."

We seem to exist within a little bubble of our very own self-identified personhood, our very own segment of time that we each call our own, independent of anyone or anything else.

But time cannot be separated from itself. There is only one.

Your time is also my time. It's our time. What you perceive as your moment, is actually ours. We share it.

This moment, right now, we co-create together.

In every moment, including this very instant, all of the world's happenings co-arise together.

All of this moment's players rely on one another, from the smallest microbe to the furriest beast, from the largest tree to the highest peak.

Together, we are time, being. Together, we co-create whatever outcome it is that we all will share. This means that we are interdependent upon one another. The life and nature of all things inter-mingles. All events merge.

Time may appear to pass, but no matter what time it is, it's always now. My moments are affected by your moments, no matter how imperceptible they may appear — together they form the one — this one, here and now.

If I were able to freeze time this would be much more obvious than it does when time's in motion (as it always is). So for the sake of comparison, let's consider a photograph.

Imagine a still photo that was taken at a wedding reception. You see members of the wedding party, the family and all of the guests, with each person forever freeze-framed in a brief moment in time. Every person in the photo appears to have their very own storyline, which is their version of the moment's events. But combined together, all moments become one. Combined together, each person co-creates the photo that we now perceive. While the snapshot may appear to be filled with many different moments in time, there is only one. His story is her story, and her story is theirs. The moment co-arose together.

The moment, as it was, could not have existed any other way. If someone wasn't there, the moment we now perceive wouldn't have been possible.

Further, we're limited by the camera's frame. It doesn't capture the true essence of the moment. Our perception of the moment is limited by the distance of its zoom, or, our vision and all of our senses combined. We're limited by the photo's centre of focus, or, where our awareness and attention is placed.

But these limits do not offset the reality of what remains unseen.

If we de-focus our mind and look beyond the photograph, we'll realize how incomplete the moment that was captured truly is. There's so much that we're missing, and yet, this is all we're able to see.

You see, in life, the photographer is us. It's no different than how we perceive our very own moments in time. We are not the separate beings we believe ourselves to be.

We perceive that the world happens apart from us, or more specifically, we believe the world happens to us.

We stand back and watch, thinking we're immune to all of the events and phenomena that dance around us. We believe we play no part. But yet, we're right there in the midst of it all, affecting it, however unknowingly it may seem.

While we can't see the photographer in the photo, we all know she's there — and such is the illusion of how we live our life — we're all unaware.

We think each moment is our own personal story, but yet, it's all of ours, together.

If we de-focus away from our individual sense of self (that personal story that we've created all on our own), we'll realize the story that we once believed about the world is no longer true.

The world doesn't happen to us, it happens with us. We're all happening together, co-creating each other's moments. We're all a piece of the same part of time, being.

Even if we're seemingly out of the picture, we all have an impact on one another — all of us.

The photo could not have existed without all of the venue staff, the event organizers, the caterer, and the DJ too — each of whom can't be seen. If we zoom out further yet, we'll see the markets where the food came from, and the farmers who tilled their fields, the workers who stitched all of the clothing, and... on and on and on. If we keep pulling back, we'll see each and every minute detail and all of the collected multitude of moments that were each responsible in making the photo possible. It's an endless tapestry of co-creation.

Right now, all of the trillions of billions of seemingly separate moments co-arise together to create this very single blip in time, with each one seamlessly unfolding into the next.

You are not separate from the world around you, you are intrinsically one with it. We've co-created this moment together. How I experience right now intermingles with yours.

No action goes unnoticed by time.

Time is an effortless dance of perfect synchronicity, every step you make affects mine, as mine does yours; all of us swaying gracefully in perpetual motion to the music of infinity.

We co-create each of our moments together, no matter how imperceptible each of our parts may seem.

So, what will you do with this very moment, right now? After all, it is ours. Let's create something beautiful together, shall we?