What will you tolerate consciousness to be filled with?

Words and design by Brian Thompson.

We experience "reality" via the contents of our awareness.

Our experience of life is nothing but the ever-flowing stream of consciousness, which seems to take shape as all of the "things" that appear within it.

However, we suffer from a severe habit of misperception.

We perceive all of these things that pop in and out of consciousness as reality, while in truth, it is the space in which they appear that is reality.

We attach ourselves to what is temporary, insubstantial and false, thinking they are permanent, tangible, and real, and we define ourselves by their current state of being. But, since all such “things” and phenomena are impermanent, we then suffer from their eventual disappearance.

We become disillusioned by the dissolving of things onto which we’ve attached our identity and emotional wellbeing.

All that IS, is consciousness itself. No longer concern yourself with whatever appears within it. The body and mind will take care of whatever needs to be done, all on its own. Your job is to remain at peace within yourself, as the universal consciousness you truly are—unaffected by any phenomenal manifestation.

The questions we need to continually ask ourselves, as we navigate our daily lives, are:

Will I tolerate consciousness to be filled with this distracting opinion?

Will I tolerate consciousness to be overrun by this divisive thought?

Will I tolerate consciousness to be distracted by opinions that entirely subjective and unreal?

Or, will I allow consciousness to be the free-flowing stream that it is and that I Am, unattached to anything that happens to appear within mind?

We can’t control what seems to arise within the phenomenal outer-world of manifestation, but we can control how we relate to the conceptual noise that spontaneously arises within mind concerning the world we perceive.

It must be realized that we, as consciousness, are the observers of the mind.

The mind has nothing to do with the pure presence of our true Self.

Unfortunately, however, most people allow awareness to be overruled by thought, which only pollutes how we perceive the otherwise beautiful perfection of life, of others, and of the entire world.

When we focus on our thoughts of things, rather than on the profound, ecstatic vibrancy and lush aliveness of consciousness itself, we become lost within a falsely imagined dream. It’s as if we live our lives being continually stuck on certain freeze-framed moments within a film, while ignoring the rest of the presently unfolding story.

Life is here, life is now. It is nothing other than this present-moment-knowingness that is continually created by your conscious and aware presence.

Why fill it with untrue notions of mind? Why turn this moment’s perfection into something it is not?

Awaken from the egoic dream.

When the mind is quiet, only peace, love, unity and beauty remain.