Events within Consciousness and the Unreality of Things

words & design by Brian Thompson.

What we perceive as things, objects, people and places, are actually events within consciousness.

There is no solidity or tangibility to anything that we perceive whatsoever.

No 'thing' exists as we perceive them—it is merely their apparent appearance, arising within consciousness, that gives us the impression of their tangible existence—but nonetheless, it remains merely an appearance, or rather, a sense perception—one not unlike a dream that appears to be real.

'Things' are not made of matter, rather, they are made of consciousness (as even matter itself is just an appearance within consciousness). Every sensation that is sensed is made of consciousness, in consciousness.

When you see a tree, for example, you are not seeing an object that 'exists' per se, rather, you are simply aware of an image, one that is an event within consciousness, made of consciousness. The 'tree' itself is not inside you, but an image of a form that you have give a name of 'tree' to has appeared within your awareness.

As we delve into our personal experience, we see that there can be no experience outside of our awareness, as all things happen within it.

All perceiving exists within conscious awareness—and you are That.

If we investigate further, we see that regardless of how far away something appears to be, in your direct experience, it is always sensed in the very same place—right here. It seems as if all sense perceptions appear within you, within your intimate presence of awareness, do they not? Every sight, every sound, every smell, everything you touch, it’s all experienced here, inside your awareness, as awareness.

Every sight, every sound, every smell, every touch, and every thought that is sensed, appears within you. But, what is 'you'?

The sense organs are not you. They are merely data collectors that transmit bits and bytes of information to the mind for further processing. The mind is not you, as it does all kinds of things that you witness to and are aware of—such as, “I am aware of this thought. I am aware of this emotion.” And so, if you can perceive something as being apart from, then it is clearly not 'you'.

It is this presence of awareness that I’ve described, that is the very agent of your perceiving, that is your true Self nature—Consciousness. But this Aware Self is not bound to your apparent body, nor to your mind.

If you examine your personal experience of perceiving even deeper yet, you will see that your presence of awareness, your Self, has no delineating border between you and that which you perceive.

For example, the sound of the car that you heard on the street is not independent from you, it appears to you, because it IS you—it is an event within consciousness, made of consciousness—which is the Universal Self.

When you see a mountain, you are seeing your Self (Awareness). When you see someone on the street, you are seeing your Self (Awareness). All is Awareness. All is Self, and you are That.

There is no thing that can ever appear outside of consciousness, as consciousness is the source and substance of all apparent things, and is all that Is.

All apparent things are merely appearances, events of consciousness—and all such experiences are no different than a dream.

We can experience no-thing that is not made of awareness, because to know anything is to be aware of it, and to be aware of it, it must appear within awareness, as awareness. In truth, there is only the knowing of a 'thing', and we are this very knowing presence—we are the awareness in which all things become known.

The perceiving is real—but the ‘things' that we perceive are not. In truth, all that there is, is the perceiving itself. There is only the knowing, and we are That.

Even the things that we mentally distinguish as man made objects are actually just consciousness—they are sense perceptions arising within consciousness, made of consciousness. They are not as they appear.

Everything we perceive is a translation, no different than what appears on your computer screen.

An object's apparent attributes—visual appearance, shape, colour, texture, sound and smell—appear to us through the universal language of consciousness, as transmitted by our sensory preceptors.

All that we can actually verify however, is a thing's apparent appearance, as it's interpreted by our very specific biology. But a thing's true reality remains obscured by the limitations of our five senses and by how our brain decides to compile the raw data from their output—all of which appears within consciousness, made of consciousness.

The chair you're sitting on appears to be real, but how can you be sure? Did the chair in your dream last night not appear to be just as solid and tangible? Is there any difference between our perceptions within the two opposing waking states? If so, which 'reality' is true, and how can you be sure?

Both the dream-state and the waking-state are events we perceive, as they appear within consciousness. Both are very real ‘experiences’, but we assume one is truly ‘reality’ while the other is imagination. While each 'experience' is a real perception, both of their substances are entirely 'unreal'.

They're both an illusion.

All that we can ever experience in life is consciousness itself, in all of its multiplicity of manifestations and reflections, as they appear within our presence of awareness, our Self. There is no substance of any ‘thing' beyond our conscious cognition of its apparent appearance, which itself is merely an event within consciousness.

At all times, the mind is making a copy of what is real and then transmitting its interpretation, as perceived by the five senses, to consciousness for rendering into awareness. A translation is required to turn the raw data, such as the flat image captured by the eyes (no different than a photo), into a three dimensional ‘object’ for us to then perceive as real within consciousness. But in truth, all we that every actually aware of is an image within consciousness.

In essence, all that you ever see and sense is your Self. Everything that you perceive is you, within you.

You can only be aware of that which arises within consciousness. There is no thing outside of consciousness that we can ever be aware of. When you become aware of something, You are sensing You; Self is seeing Self. Every single thing that you perceive is a conscious re-creation, an intrepretive copy—just like a dream.

As a person awakens to their Universal Self their sense of an independent self, their perceived subject of experience—the apparent separate entity that we each call 'me'—dissolves into the very presence of Awareness that it appeared within. The false self merges into the true Self. There is no longer the perceiver and the perceived, there is only the perceiving, with no personal subjectivity attached.

All apparent 'things’ are events within consciousness—including each and every possible or potential experience. All is Self, including the ego, for it too is merely an event within consciousness—none of it ‘real’—all of it perceived.

We are consciousness perceiving itself—the ultimate universal love affair.

All merges into the One, and we are all That.