You must abandon yourself to find your Self

words & design by Brian Thompson.

No-thing can be removed from the shadow of its opposite—the presence of one defines the other.

The contrast that appears between any two opposing forces is essential for either to exist—in fact, opposites don’t conflict whatsoever, rather, they compliment one another.

Everything is relative. There are no absolutes. In truth, all things swing between two polarities, and as such, a “thing” can only appear in the the presence of its opposite.

This is the Universal Way.

This apparent duality is in fact a non-duality; the two apparent conflicting sides create an indivisible One.

There is only unity, without any separation whatsoever.

Any supposed attribute can only be perceived by its absence. For example, a sound can only be heard from the emptiness in which it resonates. Healing can occur only in the presence of a wound. Pleasure can only be felt in the absence of pain. Happiness can only be felt when contrasted against sadness. Good can exist only in the presence of evil. Gross opulence can exist only in the presence of great poverty. Modesty can only appear in the presence of narcissism, and humility cannot be independent from pride.

Being and non-being are interdependent, together they are one.

When you understand this undeniable inseparability between all apparent opposites, you see the true nature of reality itself, and the world suddenly begins to make much more sense.

When you realize this you see that nothing is as it seems, that all appearances are false. The apparent existence of any thing is one of illusion—its truth is found only by investigating that which apparently contradicts it.

It is this seeming paradox that reveals a thing’s reality, exposing whatever its present nature to be as entirely non-existant. What you see on the surface level appearance is only a momentary flicker, a brief pause in-between constantly fluctuating states. Our minds can’t usually perceive this constant movement of energy as a thing transitions from one thing to the next, so instead we see a stationary object, or a person, place, or thing.

It is only through the illusion of time that appearances seem permanent.

We mistakenly perceive all characteristics as being permanent—but in truth they are merely brief, impermanent flickers; not unlike the white foam appearing on the top of a cresting wave, whose bubbles dissolve almost as soon as they appear.

We are no different, likewise with all of our so-called problems.

We fear dissolution and death—but life is change. No-thing is static, no-thing finite. But because we deny this truth, we instead mistakenly cling to falsely perceived absolutes. The mind perceives a problem where in truth there is none, and as long as we continue to cling to appearances, then our suffering will continue.

We need to face resistance in life, otherwise there would be nothing for us to achieve.

Wisdom can only arise from the ashes of our ignorance.

We remain limited in life only by our reliance and belief in such conceptual thoughts that divide us from the truth of our being, including all opinions, labels, definitions, judgements, and speculation. There can be no freedom without first being confined, and it is our “critical” thinking that imprisons us.

We must let go entirely. Only by ending our reliance upon the conceptual mind can we realize the depth of our bottomless heart.

All of our perceived differences, problems, suffering, and incompatibilities become reconciled in the realization of our own awareness. But as long as we continue to intellectualize our sense of who we are, then our True Self will remain unrealized.

You must abandon yourself to find your Self.

Know yourself to be the infinite, choiceless, effortless presence of awareness in which all things appear.

Realize that you are not anything you perceive—your True Self is unaffected by any fluctuations in perceived world. YOU are impervious to any such illusion of mind, for YOU are the emptiness in which all appearances arise within, and in which all characteristics appear.

YOU are Absolute. No-thing else is.

Abide in your Aware Self and realize, as Robert Adams liked to remind everyone,

“All is well, and everything is unfolding as it should. There are no mistakes.”