When Enough is Enough: Confronting the Ego

words & design by Brian Thompson.

“I’m tired of doing what I don’t want to do to live the way I don’t want to live.” —Edward Abbey

Have you ever spoken similar words as those in the above quote?

If so, what did you end up doing with that burning furnace of emotions that fuelled your discontent? Did you try and let the feeling pass, or did you distract yourself from it with whatever numbing-agent you preferred, or did you confront it head-on and challenge yourself to find a way through it?

True freedom—that which can never be take away by any person or thing—cannot be realized without first experiencing a complete crisis of personal identity.

It has to be life or death. There’s no other way to realize the freedom that’s already within you, waiting to be found.

Only when you’re finally able to say, “Enough is enough!”, are you able to begin making the changes in your life that your heart and soul crave. But your ego won’t allow you to utter these vulnerable words until it’s almost too late—it’s too proud—it fears change as much as death, because to the ego, they’re one in the same—change is death.

The ego wants to stay the same, no matter how awful things have become in your life—this is where the ego thrives, in the turmoil of its self-created pain.

Most people drift through life totally unaware, languishing in a dream state that’s entirely unreal that’s perpetuated by nothing but fear. Let the desperate plea of, “Enough! I can take no more!”, be the spark that awakens you from your slumber.

It’s time to wake up and see reality as it truly is. It’s time to realize your true self nature and rise to the challenge of your human potential, rather than living life in constant crisis and drama, ignorantly fuelled by the ego and its false sense of self.

To wake up from the dream you must first hit a brick wall.

You must feel absolute despair and more distraught than you've ever felt before. You must feel broken and helpless with nowhere else to turn. Only then will the ego relent, and only then will you be able to finally break through its barrier to admit that something within you needs to drastically change.

Only then will you be able to surrender and find the courage to embark on a sea of change.

When your suffering has all but consumed you and there’s no longer any joy to be found, the time for transcendence has arrived. When this hour is upon you, rejoice! for this is the beginning to the end of your pain—that is, if you’re brave enough to endeavour where few have gone before—a spiritual journey of self enquiry that will destroy the very ego that creates all of your pain.

How badly do you want to be free from the suffering that has forever plagued you?

When your dissatisfaction can no longer be hidden—when it can no longer be distracted or denied—this is the time to tear down whatever remains of your precious identity, your false sense of self.

Belief by belief, behaviour by behaviour—tear it all down. The ego must be destroyed.

When the light of self-awarneness illuminates all of the crap you’ve unknowingly created in your life, there’s nowhere to hide. When the truth has been glimpsed, there’s no way to forget what’s already been seen.

Once realized, the truth of reality can never be undone.

You must find out what is true, and what is false within you. You must immerse yourself completely in a practice of rigorous introspection, mindfulness, and self-enquiry. Now is the time to realize your True Self, a being of infinite conscious awareness, who’s bound only by concept, opinion and belief, and once those are destroyed, you are free. There will be nothing left to contain your pain.

When enough is enough—lean in to the pain.

Destroy all that is untrue within. Empty your inner being of all that is false, the truth awaits you.