Seeing beyond the self (where happiness is found)

words & design by Brian Thompson.

The human condition is defined by its never-ending search for happiness.

It is this singular motive that sits behind everything mankind has done, is presently doing, or will be doing next—regardless of how selfish, harmful, ignorant or destructive each individual's quest for it may be.

The cosmic joke of our human predicament is this: if we only realized the nature of our true self, we would also realize the inherent happiness that defines it. Once the true self has been realized, the quest for happiness ends.

The reason being that this feeling of lack, that something is missing from your present moment experience, is the most pervading and harmful symptom that arises alongside the false sense of a self. In any given moment, your illusory self will convince you that things could somehow be slightly better than what they currently are.

Have you not realized that there always seems to be something for us to complain about? This is why.

The false self—who believes it’s a separate entity located within the mind of a limited body, who is separate from its environment—is cursed with an unquenchable desire that forever keeps it feeling restless, unfulfilled and unsatisfied. As long as you continue to identify your “self” with its persistent feeling of uneasiness that things are never quite right, then you will continue to limit yourself to a life of constant struggle.

Through the process of self-inquiry however, it can be realized that this sense-of-self that seems to pervade every experience is not real—it is an illusion created by mind. And so, if you continue to believe that you are the “self” whose inherent nature is to assert its critical opinions onto everything it perceives, then you will remain forever unhappy.

The false self and its unhappiness are inseparable, meanwhile the inherent nature of the true self is one of perfect calm, contentment and bliss. Once the non-existent self is no longer believed in however, its projected illusions of lack will soon dissolve.

Once you see beyond the self altogether, all apparent “problems" will disappear.

Investigate the experience of your own personal consciousness and you will see how nothing can ever truly be missing from the intimacy of your present-moment awareness. The sense of lack, from which all unhappiness grows, is entirely unreal. The present moment is already perfect and complete.

How can something ever be missing from your present-moment seeing? Whatever’s there, is there. How can something be wrong with whatever you hear, in this precise moment? Whatever you hear, is already there. How can something that you taste or smell be incomplete? How can something you touch not be already whole?

All of these things, with which you are presently aware of, are already complete.

There can be never anything “wrong" with any of your sense perceptions.

Your experience is your experience. When you associate and identify your experience of these sensations with the false self however, discontent and unhappiness is the result.

Our awareness—without being veiled by the false self and its subjective interpretations of all that it perceives—accepts whatever appears within it. It resists nothing. It is choiceless and all-accepting with its undying essence of love, peace, unity and happiness. This is who we truly are, underneath all of our beliefs-of-self.

Any feeling that something is wrong, imperfect or missing from your life is only from the perspective of the imaginary, non-existent self. However complex this matrix of thoughts, feelings, beliefs and bodily sensations might be, they are not YOU. The true you is the awareness that perceives such things.

Only by un-learning all that is un-true within you will your natural essence of happiness be restored.

You only need to see through—and beyond—the self.