Video Blog: Things Aren’t How They Appear

Wanna' go for a 15 min. stroll on the beach with me while we talk about non-duality?

Some of you have been asking for more insight into non-duality, so in this video I talk about removing the obstacles of duality and thought that constantly obscure the true nature of reality.

Things aren’t how they appear. Our reality is defined by that which we choose to identify with, as, and through. Reality is always distorted by the lens we perceive it through.

So… who are you? What “story" are you bringing into each moment? What opinions and emotions are you projecting onto every experience and situation you find yourself in? How are you distorting the truth through your own stubborn attachments?

By purifying our moment-to-moment perceiving from all of our strongly held beliefs, unhappiness dissolves into the chasms of unconsciousness.

It is only through continued attention to our perceived discontent that its presence remains.

Remove the obstacles to reality—realize the continual presence of blissful awareness that blossoms out from your true Self in every passing moment.

This is who you truly are.

Thanks for watching,