the stories you tell yourself create the very fabric of your life

words & photo by Brian Thompson, model & photo editing by  Jennifer Picard Photography .

words & photo by Brian Thompson, model & photo editing by Jennifer Picard Photography.

what do you remind yourself of on a continual basis?

that you’re working hard on your dream and that you’re one step closer? that you’re a woman-on-a-mission who can’t be stopped? that you already have everything you need to make a dent in the universe? that anything is possible?

or, are you telling yourself that what you want is impossible, and that you’ll never succeed? that you’re a failure and might as well give up?

most people don’t want to admit how often they tend to side with their negative thoughts of self-doubt.

but if you look at the pattern of your day-to-day language, you’ll get a better idea of where your sub-conscious is actually leading you to.

are these types of words a part or your everyday vocabulary?

i wish.
not likely.
i hate this.
that sucks.
yeah, right.
pff, whatever.
not a chance.
no one cares.
i’ll forever be broke.
i could never do what i love.
nothing good ever happens to me.
i could never do that, i’m too scared.
pff, must be nice to have everything handed to you.

do you see where i’m going with this? the stories you tell yourself create the very fabric and nature of your life. in fact, your thoughts are your life. there’s no denying it, life is only what you make of it — it’s just you and your thoughts — you’ll never escape each other, because they are one and the same.

if i think i’m surrounded by ugliness, then i am. conversely, if i think there’s nothing but boundless possibilities for me, then that’s exactaly what i’ll find! when you change your outlook, you also change your opportunities — if you see possibility and potential around every corner, then that is indeed what you will see.

of course it’s not quite as easy as what i’m suggesting, positive thoughts must be actively believed, and then they must then be pro-actively acted upon with energy, commitment and vigour. you must throw your entire intention, integrity and strength of will behind your thoughts of empowerment. you must feed them with your whole-hearted support and unwavering belief, for this is how everything once deemed impossible was ever achieved.

if you’re pissed off and angry at your life and the world, i get it — you can’t just fake being happy and then expect everything to magically change. but you can start making a positive difference in your life by refusing to no longer meditate on madness — because that’s exactly what you’re doing.

stop repeating negative words and phrases in your mind over and over again, and stop speaking them in casual conversation as well. be mindful and stop all of your vocal negativity — completely. no matter who you’re talking to, stop dwelling on all of the bad stuff you think, feel, and see — the negative energy only makes your feel worse.

don’t fake being happy, but do speak words of encouragement, understanding, and possibility to yourself and others instead. in so doing, you will begin to open new doors for yourself, where before they were all closed shut. in time, the positive affirmations you reflect on will undoubtedly begin to lighten your mood. and when your heart is lighter, you’ll have more spring in your step to move forward with greater and gentler ease.

words of positive encouragement work — especially when they're words of your own.

every hero’s journey was mired in grim and woeful setbacks that once seemed insurmountable, but they held their head high and courageously persisted on. they knew they could do better. they refused to accept that their present moment would define the rest of their days.

be the hero in your very own journey — accept the challenge — climb out from the dark valley you've somehow fallen into.

give yourself the gift of possibility — end the bad habit of dwelling on negativity.

you can.