Life Lives Itself

words & design by Brian Thompson.

What is life, other than the direct and immediate cognition of the sensations that are presently appearing within one’s consciousness?

Life is nothing other than the experience of knowing this precise moment. This is living—which can only happen right here, right now. Life only happen within consciousness, so whatever you believe becomes your experience.

“Life” therefore, is merely a concept, as it’s really just a collection of memories that you have conceptualized and spun into a life story, that you project onto yourself and others, which you then live relative to. But make no mistake—your “life”, as you see it, remains just a bundle of thoughts that you’ve folded into a dream, that you choose to live conceptually through.

So what you consider your “life”, is really only an illusion-of-mind.

Living however, can only be here and now. This is all there truly is, and when you are distracted by whatever virtual reality you’ve created for yourself within mind, even if only for a moment, then reality passes you by.

Therefore, the only question one must concern themselves with is: What exactly am I living, in this precise, present moment? Am I living, here and now? Or am I living within the world of drama and fiction that I’ve created within mind?

To be free of any emotional upset you might be experiencing, inquire into the very source of your perceptions. Ask yourself: Am I only living my “life" as I have conceptually perceived and projected "my story" to be? Am I merely living out the role that I’ve created for myself, that I’ve limited myself to, through the concepts that I’ve allowed my sense-of-self to become attached to?

Or, am I truly living, here and now—unbound by any stories of interference from the egoic mind, free of any past memories, and empty of conceptually pondering a future that will never be?

Investigate the nature of your own consciousness—what are you actually perceiving?

Are you experiencing reality? Or are you primarily experiencing the drama that has been self-created within your own mind? Scrutinize your ongoing inner-experience.

Life IS only this present-moment presence of consciousness. It is not a memory. It is not a story that’s a drama, a comedy or a tragedy. Life is only the intimate and aware presence of this precise moment—and you are That.

Life lives itself—you only need to get out of the way and let it happen, as it will, with or without you.

Your only job then—as the consciousness you are—is to simply abide in your blissful presence of awareness, remaining unattached to whatever phenomena comes and goes around you.

You are consciousness—Being. Not being this, not being that… just, Being.

You are not what was, or what will be—you are the conscious presence that perceives these very words. You are no-thing other than that.

You are not any of the concepts or stories that might be presently racing through your mind. You are the pure consciousness that perceives them.

Get out of mind. Be here, now.

No longer try to be this or that—just Be; a peaceful and present unbound presence of knowing. Embrace the effervescent spontaneity of consciousness that creates your entire sense-of-being. This is what means to truly be alive.

When you let life live itself, and you get out of its way (or rather, the mental construct that you believe is “you")—freedom is found, here and now.