Becoming a Lucid Dreamer of Your Wide-Awake Dream

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Anything outside of your own being cannot be controlled, so why waste precious energy believing in something other than yourself?

We become so emotionally involved in the shirking of responsibility for our problems, predicaments and unhappiness—i.e. making excuses and placing blame—that we overlook the one common thread that’s woven through every experience—our subjective mind, or rather… our "self".

However, wisdom proves that it isn’t the world that's your problem, it’s how you perceive it.

Therefore you must no longer resist the truth of reality, it must no longer be shrouded by your ignorant beliefs of it.

Every experience that you perceive is created by how you choose to subjectively interpret it. Therefore you must cleanse your lens of perception. Wipe your critical subjectivity clean!

Toss away every assumption and expectation you have of the world and the people in it. Focus your every effort on improving the only thing that’s within your power to control—yourself. From that, only good things can blossom from and grow, both for you, and for the rest of the world.

Peace, prosperity and well-being can only begin within. Your mind shapes your every experience. Are you in control of it, or is it in control of you?

Become the master of your mind and the whole world will bend to your favour—it will have no other choice, as your whole world is made of nothing other than your mind and the perceptions within it.

Every emotion begins and ends with how you perceive the "eternal now".

This present moment is not a concept of space and time, it is forever-ongoing within your awareness. It has no beginning and no end—Now is continual and unchanging. In your experience, it is always now.

So, are you obscuring this very moment, here and now, behind a bundle of unnecessary negative thoughts, or are you embracing it with an open heart, undiluted by your subjective and critical mind?

As a fish swims in water, so do we swim in consciousness—we are forever immersed in it.

Our consciousness is our entire world. Whatever we choose to believe will then appear as our “reality". For example, if I believe I am miserable and worthless, then so I become. If I believe I am fearful and filled with doubt, then that is exactly what I manifest into my being. If I'm convinced my day is going to be miserable, then it most certainly will be.

Whatever you think, you become. Your reality is a reflection of your subjective “self", which it too is merely a dream of mind.

We are a dream who is dreaming yet another dream—a virtual being who has created a virtual world.

So since all of this is just a game of mirrors and an elaborate illusion of mind, however you feel is entirely your choice—so become a lucid dreamer of your wide-awake dream!

This is what it means to be wholly conscious—no longer dividing the reality of experience with your silly subjectivity of it.

It's pointless to resist the reality of the phenomena that surrounds you, seek only to control the quality of your own mind, and your world will be revealed to be peaceful, happy and calm.