Why do you insist on turning everything that you perceive into a personal affair?

words & design by Brian Thompson.

I, me, my, and mine, are all just mental ideas which you habitually layer on top of your infinite and unbound presence of aware consciousness.

Why take any such ideas so seriously?

There is always a sense of perceiving happening, but why claim it as yours? Why do you insist on turning everything that you perceive into a personal affair? This is where all problems take their birth.

Realize that there is nothing personal about anything that appears to happen "to you", beyond the thought that tries to make it so.

Just let it all go. You are not that.

The mind tries to self-identity with all of the thoughts it has created around that which it observes, but it is your true Self that perceives both of these.

Simply remain quiet as the empty observing presence of awareness that peacefully rests behind whatever phenomena appears within it. No longer be concerned, distracted or engaged with whatever is perceived, cognized or conceptualized.

Observe and remain still. Quiet the mind by not touching it, only watching it.

Know yourself as the aware knowing presence which all thoughts of I, me, my and mine appear within; realizing that you are none of these, as they are merely thoughts themselves.

Do you see how “me” is merely just another thought?

Go beyond any thoughts you have of yourself and find that which is real, the presence in which all conscious perceptions appear.

You are not a concept, nor a thought. You are not any opinion, desire or fear. You are the awareness in which all observations and perceptions appear.

Know your Self as this empty space of stillness within, and remain.