The Zen of Ending Agitation

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Freedom from suffering begins with self-awareness.

Being self-aware is the key to unlocking the door of all understanding—understanding yourself, others, and the rest of the world.

By mindfully observing all of your actions and tendencies, both internal and external, you begin to understand all that you are not, and in so doing, you realize all that you truly are.

This is transcendent. It changes the very nature and intimacy of how every perception is experienced.

For example, when you find yourself agitated by a strong opinion that you have towards something, inquire within.

Rather than remaining upset with the world because it doesn’t agree with your particular point of view, investigate into the nature and source of the feeling that's conflicting you.

Search within your own inner-silence to locate where the emotion is actually coming from, not the thing that your opinion happens to be attached to, but the intimate experience of actually having the opinion itself.

Ask yourself, Who is it who feels this way?

I do. I feel frustrated. I feel this way.

Who is this I? What is this I? Where did this I appear from?
Who am I?

Contemplate this deeply.

Who is the “me” who has this opinion? Allow the mind to settle into itself and onto the subtle empty space it appears within—your self-awareness.

Find the "I" who disagrees, and you will locate the very source of all your dissatisfaction and unhappiness. The I who disagrees with its present experience is only a thought. This I is the ego.

It is only the false self-identity who suffers.

It is the very idea of who you believe yourself to be that is the cause of your emotional unrest.

It is not the experience itself that agitates you, it is how you relate to it, which is determined solely by who, and what, you consider yourself to be.

If you allow yourself to be a product of opinions, then you will forever be ruled by them.

The ego overrules and cloaks reality with its personal subjectivity, which are merely conceptual notions that are never true. Coincidentally, it is only this imagined self-image that then suffers the world. Meanwhile, your true Self, Awareness, remains absolutely free, happy, peaceful and content.

Awareness disagrees with nothing, accepting everything as it is, without any question or hesitation.

Thinking you are other than the presence of awareness only obscures this realization-of-Self from being known.

Ponder this question frequently and deeply, Who am I?

I am not a preference. I am not an opinion. I am not a thought. I am not a feeling. My essential nature cannot by swayed by mind or any of its analysis, critique, concepts, or subjectivity. I am not even this body that I appear to be, as this body changes each and every day, while I remain.

So, Who am I?

I am consciousness. I am awareness. I am presence. I am this present beingness, whose only truth is knowing that I Am.

I Am that I Am.

Find your true Self and you will see perfection within all that Is—because all that Is, is just another aspect of you, awareness. All things arise within you (awareness), as you (awareness), made of you (awareness).

In truth, you are the entire universe, as the entire universe exists within you—the consciousness that is I Am—and you are absolutely perfect.

There is nothing anywhere that needs to be changed.

The truth of reality is, there is nothing to disagree with.

The things "you" differ with are merely false concepts of mind—which you project onto your aware presence, disguising your true Self. You personalize these opinions that appear within mind, believing them to be true and then identifying your “self” by them—simultaneously creating, defining and limiting your present emotional state.

The false “I” holds strong opinions, but you, awareness, have none.

Find your true Self and forever remain in this awareness, as this awareness, while altogether forgetting the false self who is nothing but a mental projection that distorts the truth of the absolute and unchangeable now.

This is the Zen of ending agitation.

Know yourself and all will be well.