All Our Actions Reverberate Inwards

words & design by Brian Thompson.

“All experiences come and go. What witnesses experiencing itself?” —Mooji

Don’t label yourself by your past failures, nor by your present success—you are none of the predicaments you find yourself in.

Your sense of self—your personal identity—cannot be defined by what you've done, where you've been, or what you've seen.

You are not the thoughts you think, nor the emotions you feel. You are none of the things you believe; neither your so-called flaws and faults, nor your talents or skills. You are not your age, sex, or gender. You are not any physical attribute, nor any personal preference or opinion.

You are none of these!

You are beyond any such possible definition. What you are however, is the infinite Awareness that is witness to it All.

You are the observer within who perceives the entire world. You are not IN the world, you are OF the world.

You are a radar of consciousness, every one of your experiences is like a blip on the screen of your Awareness—they come and they go, as fast as they appear. It is this Awareness that you are, and without it, nothing you perceive could ever be.

Can this be said about your wardrobe? Your car? Your personal tastes? Your sense of humour? No—you are none of these things! You are Awareness itself, in animated motion—alive, vibrant, conscious and infinitely aware.

Your Awareness (you) is inclusive of all things—therefore, no matter what you do, you do to yourself.

All our actions reverberate inwards. The world is a mirror, all that we perceive is merely a reflection from within. In all the myriad things we see and do, we are always only ever witnessing ourself.

If I treat you with disdain, then I also scorn myself.
If I am too busy to listen, then nothing I say will ever be heard.
If I disrespect the environment, then the environment will have nothing but contempt towards me.
If I believe a person to be evil, it’s merely a reflection of the false-perception and ignorance that’s within me.

We are all interconnected through our shared awareness.

See yourself as the witness—not the subject or star of the whole entire show—not the hero, nor the victim—but the one who makes all of this possible.

Become aware.

Tune in to the infinite nature of your internal environment, and realize that you are not the individual, separate self you believe yourself to be, but that you are the selfless witness who perceives All.

Your world is shaped through every thought and every deed, and through the clarity of your perception—wipe your lens clean.

When your lens of perception is foggy, so is your view of the world.