Embracing the profound wisdom of, "I don't Know"

Words and poster design by Brian Thompson.

There is a profound relief in surrendering the ego and embracing, "I don’t know”.

Drop all pretences and abandon the facade of all false-knowing. Let go of trying to know-it-all, for it only reveals ignorance. Allow the mind to relax into the presence of here and now, no longer burdened by the tension of trying to maintain an imagined self-identity.

Assumptions are not knowledge, and knowledge is not real knowing. One is a concept of the past; the other is present-moment spontaneous understanding.

Wisdom is silent.

The truth is found only in the absence of words. Ease into the peace of inner stillness. To know something, you must first know nothing. But, do you know your own nothingness? Before you make any claims, you must know yourself first. You can only know your Self; everything else is an assumption projected by the mind.

So, be empty. Be silent. Be still. Be nothing.

Find your freedom in the emptiness of being—not trying to be this or that, just pure being; an aware presence revealed only through a calm and quiet mind.

No longer perpetuate the ego’s mask.

Release the mind from its habit of pretending to be that which it isn't.

Ease into the gentle grace and compassion of, "I don’t know,” “Perhaps,” and "Maybe so”.