Your greatest distraction is always yourself

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Your greatest distraction is always yourself.

If you sincerely want to improve your sense of wellbeing, you must learn to get out of your own way. Only you can liberate yourself from your burdens.

Most people are so overly attached to their opinions and expectations that their only reaction is to kick, scream and struggle whenever reality doesn’t cooperate with their wishes. When you resist however, you only create tension within yourself. And where there is tension, there is stress. And where there is stress, there is discontent and suffering.

The only thing we can expect from reality, is that it rarely performs as expected.

And such is the beautiful, random and perfect chaos that is the natural order of all things.

So it goes.

And so, you must learn to go with the natural flow of things, otherwise you'll only continue to trip over your own two feet.

Do you see how the greatest thing that stands between you and your happiness is your “self”?

For it is the very thought that resists all things. It is the thought that cherishes. It is the thought that fears. It is the thought that has countless clung-to opinions that go against the natural impermanence of all things.

To be free, you must forget the “self” that you so closely identify yourself with, that you nurture, that you coddle and carefully present to the world, and whose existence you so vigorously defend. Realize that your “self" is only a story you tell yourself, and it is this story that keeps you feeling limited and unhappy.

Leave your historical stories of self behind that are locked in a past, that no longer is; come into the infinite presence of the now, that is the source and substance of all.

Harmonize your being with that which you resist.

Let go of all preconceptions. Press pause on your logic and intellect, choosing to use them only when needed, being mindful of when they become the impediment blocking your greater intention.

Merge your present attention into the essence of the moment, where all experience fearlessly exists—into the presence of undivided awareness.

Turn your mind inwards.

Move beyond the subjective mind and abide in your higher Self that radical accepts all things.

Think about thinking, but not about your thoughts. Feel your feelings, but not about their cause. Focus on focussing. Concentrate on concentrating. Be aware of your boundless awareness.

This is how you find your true Self, by reflecting the light of your consciousness onto the core of your being.

Be distracted by your false self no more, and let all resistance fade away.