don’t believe your own hyperbole!

words by Brian Thompson, photo by Jennifer Picard Photography.

the thing we all struggle with the most, is the continual self-talk within our minds; that ongoing conversation we have with ourselves that adds commentary to everything we see, feel and experience.

all too often our inner voice is a spiteful critic, one who’s only focussed on negativity, pessimism and doubt.

this is the voice of our self — our ego — the co-creator of all our unhappiness. it’s that ghost inside our shell who fabricates one story after the next, surrounding each of our experiences with fictional tales of drama, conspiracy and fear. it's the one who writes the ongoing movie that continually playing out in our heads, the one that often consumes our lives.

how many times have you been sick to the stomach and paralyzed by uneasiness, only to later realize that what you feared ended up being a painless breeze? you exhausted yourself by worrying for no reason at all.

it’s the stories we attach onto our life’s events that cause us to be emotionally upset — it’s rarely the events themselves.

be free from your emotional struggles, no matter what they may be, by no longer believing in the stories you tell yourself — they’re not real. get rid of the story!

deal with the actuality of your experiences, not the drama you’ve created around them. you only create undue stress on yourself by trying to read people’s minds, or in trying to predict outcomes for an unknowable future.

if you dropped your coffee after being bumped in line, just clean it up and go get another one. quit telling yourself over and over that the person did it on purpose because they don’t like the colour of your shoes.

the more we ruminate and obsess over the stories we tell ourselves, the more worked up and anxious we become.

we create our very own stress over things that don’t even exist.

watch your thoughts. when you find yourself dwelling on a scenario that’s playing out inside your head, tell yourself to stop. call the story out — label it as the fabricated fiction it is.

don’t believe your own hyperbole! feel the felling, but get rid of the story.

this is how we find our happiness and calm — in a mind that’s empty and free from exaggerated, self-created thoughts.