Learning to Not Indulge the Egoic Mind

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Be careful to not indulge every random happening-of-mind that just seems to appear out of nowhere.

This is actually the strongest spiritual practice there is—being ever vigilant in discerning which thoughts you allow your mind to entertain. There is really nothing more you need to do to find true peace and happiness—it is only the mind that distorts your perception of life, that leads you into believing countless things about yourself and the world that are untrue.

In fact, deciding whether or not you should listen to your mind is the only true choice there is in life, as everything that you experience flows outward from there.

It must be understood that every single thought is merely a mental projection—they’re not true, no matter what reality they seem to infer. Don't allow yourself to be swayed by your own false psychological manifestations.

Be sceptical of every thought or feeling that appears within mind.

Thoughts are random and spontaneous. Many of them are twisted and troubling, self-defeating and self-critical, opinionated and judgemental, divisive and antagonistic, hostile and mean. Many of them are overly self-involved and vain, boastful and narcissistic, conceited and arrogant. All of them are selfish—none of them conducive to inner-peace, contentment and emotional well-being.

If you’re not mindfully aware of the content of your thoughts—as they arise—then their erratic nature will continue triggering you into unwanted behaviours. They will continue leading you astray, dragging you into untrue scenarios that you become emotionally attached to.

This is the trap of the ego—it wants you to become involved in its own creations. Don’t be fooled. The moment you become complacent and allow your mind to run the show, it will take advantage of your lack of awareness and you will find yourself stuck in the middle of a self-created problem, needlessly suffering.

Be the ever-present witness to your mind—not its unaware victim.

Remain alert of its movements and digressions. Catch yourself red-handed whenever you find yourself trying to reason with it. Do not engage with any unwanted and untrue thoughts—it only strengthens their false appearance.

Realize that there is no intention, cause, or purpose behind any thought. Do not read anything into them whatsoever. See them no differently than the passing of bad gas. Clear the air and be rid of them entirely. They’re nothing more than a stinky illusion of mind.

Get out of mind. Life isn’t to be conceptualized. It’s to be lived; joyfully, lovingly, compassionately and free.

Simply ignore all unwelcome thoughts and carry on with your day—blissfuly un-involved with egoic thought, mindfully engaged only with the present moment awareness of the here and now.

As your attention onto egoic thought fades, so too will the ego itself.