What happens when you dissolve the sense of all meaning and purpose?

Words and design by Brian Thompson.

Meaning and purpose are a product of mind.

Outside of thought, meaning and purpose don’t actually exist. They are both a virtual virtue—ones we have mistakenly become overly reliant upon for our sense of wellbeing.

We tend to evaluate our happiness by the following criteria: What does this moment mean to me? Do my actions mean something? Does my life mean anything? What is my purpose? And, am I fulfilling it?

What we fail to realize, is that it’s our constant attention to these questions that creates much of our discontentment in life. We’re continually distracted by our perpetual conceptual analysis. We’re deluded by our endless questioning of that which has no answer.

Life doesn’t have to be this way.

Consider for a moment, how might life be if the mind’s restless energy was stilled and its endless chatter quieted?

What is the nature of your conscious presence when it’s no longer being subjectively defined by the mind that perceives it? What is the essence of your presence when the contents of awareness are no longer scrutinized for their value, worth, validity, and relevance?

Does not every moment matter? Does not every breath have a purpose?

The mind tends to search for happiness outside itself, and we define our happiness by the progress of the search. We’re always checking in with ourselves for a progress report, critiquing ourselves, critiquing every moment. But as long as we continue to search outside ourselves for what is inherently within, we'll never find what we're looking for.

When the search for happiness is quelled, a funny thing happens—the conceptual validity of questions such as ‘how' and 'why’ disappears completely.

What remains is an inter-connected awareness, empty of any influence from the subjective self.

When your attempts to extract personal satisfaction from every moment has been abandoned, what remains is an undefined, pure presence, without any purpose—just being.

When the mind no longer projects its illusory meanings onto the contents of consciousness, everything becomes nothing, and nothing means anything. This heralds the welcome end to all mental interpretation, where every concept is understood to be empty.

Life then unfolds effortlessly as all preconceptions dissolve into the peace of the don’t-know mind. In the mind's conceptual absence, the bliss of absolute presence is realized, unbound.

If you look for meaning and purpose outside of this precise moment, it will continue to elude you. It can only be realized in the here and now, when all such questions have been dissolved entirely, and the wonder of present awareness is allowed to wash over you.

Life’s so-called meaning is found only within the conscious realization of each and every moment. None no greater than the next.

Your purpose then, is simply... to be.