A Spiritual Catalyst

words & design by Brian Thompson.

To awaken, you must become your very own spiritual catalyst.

You must remain single-pointed in present moment mindfulness; no longer dabbling in this, or dabbling in that; no longer juggling multiple ideas of spirituality; no longer throwing random teachings to the wall to see what sticks. If you are not earnest in your intent, focus and awareness, the mind will retain dominance over your life—and you will remain subject to the havoc it creates.

Self-destruction is required for Self-Realization.

The egoic self must be seen as a fraud before the true Self can be realized. Its illusion must be seen through. It must no longer be listened to, believed in or trusted. It must be abolished entirely.

In order to fully awaken from the egoic dream you must overcome the energy of past habits and behavioural tendencies. You must no longer be distracted by the noise, nonsense, drama and worry of mind.

Your only spiritual practice is to remain ever vigilant and mindful of catching the mind the moment it begins to wander—and stopping it in its tracks. Divorce yourself entirely from its movements.

You must dissolve your habit of unconsciously reacting to how things appear, which is ultimately the cause of all present and future despair. You must recognize the impermanence of all phenomena—all of it. You must understand with all of your heart that no thing, no person, no event, no circumstance, no predicament, no problem, no thought, and no emotion—none of it—is as it appears.

Realize that everything you perceive is your own projection. Whatever you see is only your self.

The world is your mirror. You only see your own reflection.

If you embody peace, love and beauty—that is what you will see. If you embody confusion, anger and distrust—that too is what you will see.

You must choose to abide only in your presence of awareness, at all times. You must leave the world alone. Don’t react—only observe, unattached.

Do not become emotionally invested in worldly drama that tempts you into reacting. These habitual tendencies must be overcome. Be the ever-present witness—to both your inner and outer worlds. As your awareness increases, you will become able to catch your mind red-handed, before you find yourself physically reacting.

Simply remain as the observing presence; do what you need to do, but do not involve yourself in things—just keep quiet and be still. Remain aware in your knowingness that everything is an illusion and that nothing is as it appears.

What might appear to be good for one person, will be bad for another. If you help one person, it will hinder another. Someone becomes rich, while another becomes poor. One person’s gain is another’s loss. If I take more for me, there’s less for you.

Nothing is as it appears.

Question every desire, for it is only the voice of the ego who believes it is lacking something—it is only the mind who wants, and wants, and wants. You—Awareness—need, nor want, anything; because you are already everything that Is. To realize this is to be free.

Just be, always in the moment. No longer be concerned about your idea of “me”. Just do what needs to be done, as it comes, without desiring anything to be other than what it presently is.

This isn’t to say you should sit in a cave and do nothing at all. You will still do things. In fact, you will do many things so much greater than ever before! Without the over-bearing presence of an unsettled and grasping mind, your actions and motivations will be pure, and the results will be beautiful expressions of the divine consciousness.

When the mind is ignored it will begin to quiet on its own. Without your awareness placed onto its incessant rumblings it will fade into the background until it finally dissolves entirely.

Without the ego, you will no longer try to control that which cannot be controlled—you will be in accordance with the natural flow of the Tao.

When I say, “leave the world alone”, what I’m describing is what happens within you. Consciously, you leave the world alone. You no longer mentally engage with any of the phenomena that appears to you. To an onlooker, you will remain a part of the world, no different than anyone else. But your outward appearance will belie your inner truth.

Upon closer inspection, others will notice a quiet change in your demeanour—a calm, compassionate and joyful energy will effortlessly emanate from your beingness. You will embody peace—and because of this, you will begin to change the world, wherever you go.

The world is made of you and me, one person at a time, one interaction at a time. The human world is nothing without these billions of interactions built on top of one another. No matter what the great teachings of the world are, they remain useless if they are not embodied.

Peace can only begin within us, through us. It begins and ends within you.

By being mentally quiet, all actions become egoless. When the ego is dissolved, inner peace, freedom and happiness is Self-Realized, here and now—without needing anything to be different; without lacking anything at all.

You will be in the world, but not of the world. The world will be in you, the Realized Self—the Universal Consciousness.

You must become your very own spiritual catalyst; here and now. In order to be free, you must awaken to your own awareness.

Realize you are not of the world, but the world is of you.