How do you end all stress, sadness & anxiety? Stop thinking about yourself.

Words and poster design by Brian Thompson.

If you’d only stop thinking about yourself, your life would be so much happier.

Stress would dissolve. Anger would dissipate. Fear would vanish. Depression would disappear.

The more you analyze yourself, the more unsatisfied you become. When you compare yourself to this or that, you divide yourself from your already-perfect true Self.

Knowing yourself is important, but the activity of trying to define yourself invites nothing but duality into one's life.

When you allow your emotions to dwell in an isolated world of self-critical thought, you become lost within a deluded, false self-image—one that exists only within the egoic mind. To define yourself is to limit yourself— it forces you into a state of ignorance; of ignoring the unfettered presence of unbound awareness that you truly are.

You are nothing that can ever be known, so stop trying. You are beyond any compare! You are not a thing. You cannot be defined, so no longer waste your energy trying.

Unhappiness is always self-created.

In other words, any discontent you feel is merely a by-product of the illusion of "you" that you have dreamed into being—a delusion that exists only within the mind. It is not true.

No longer lose your Self to such egoic patterns of habitual thought. Break the cycle of behaviour onto which your ego has become addicted. Abandon the falsely imagined self. Abide only in that which is real—the still, silent, intimate, and simple presence of present-moment-knowingness—the unlimited field of awareness of your true Self.

You are a presence, not a person. No longer limit yourself!

Surrender yourself to the one true Self there is—Awareness. Discard the activity of selfing—the process of attaching your self-image onto any personalized thought-form of opinion, belief, concept, comparison, or relative thought.

Merge knowingly into the unified presence of Universal Consciousness—realize the Self that you have always been. Realize yourself as the infinite expanse of non-subjective, Absolute Reality.

Think about yourself no more.

Just Be, peacefully, present and aware, content with what is, at one with life, floating down the stream of infinity.