The Wisdom of Clear-Seeing

words & design by Brian Thompson

This life we find ourselves occupying is a dream of consciousness, in consciousness, through consciousness. We are the very consciousness that creates everything we perceive.

Our experiences don’t happen to us, they happen through us—as perceived through our mind’s egoic conditioning, opinions and beliefs—which assumes and applies the illusion of name, form and substance onto all of that which is otherwise formless and empty.

The mind dreams thoughts into apparent being through your acceptance of them. Whatever you believe, appears to become. So if you think something is, then that is what you will indeed experience.

You create your own reality.

You are imprisoned only by your beliefs. Freedom is found only in their absence.

If a thought is not accepted as true and it’s denied of your attention, its illusion dissolves in the light of your awareness. This is the wisdom of clear-seeing, undistracted by weeds of the egoic mind.

Your true Self—the aware presence of consciousness arising as your sense of I AM—remains untroubled by any apparent appearance of name, form or perceived personal experience, as it knows all such appearances are merely illusions dancing within its empty presence.

To recognize this as such is to awaken to your true Self nature—to abide as the silent witness to the mind and its dreamlike play, rather than being its unquestioning servant.

No longer be vexed by the dream of apparent appearances.

Question your perceptions, accept no thought as truth, hold no beliefs, and deny all egoic projections—cleanse your awareness of distractions and behold the bliss of unblemished Reality.