Video Blog: Perceiving Life as an Ever-Unfolding Continuity of Events

Join me as I explore the nature of experience and how we, as apparent individuals, fit into the reality of everything we perceive.

If you investigate your perspective of reality closely and with an open mind, you will see that there are no objects, things, people or places—that is, outside of your conceptual distinguishing of them. In truth, there is only a continuity of events within consciousness, as they appear within time.

It is the duration of an event within the appearance of time that gives notion to the existence of an object—but the ‘thing’ that is perceived is only an illusion.

In reality, each event you perceive (or thing) has no subject and has no object—there is only its perceiving. In other words, you are not separate or apart from anything you experience, you are one with their present unfolding.

In fact, there is no “you” at all—just as there are no things. There is only this present moment perceiving, all of which is being, all of which is Now—and you are That.

I realize this can be hard to grasp at first, but hopefully this video will explain this a little more clearly...

As always, thanks for watching.

Much love,
Brian Thompson