True freedom is absolute, not relative

words & design by Brian Thompson.

As long as you believe that you are free "from" something, then you are not truly free at all. True freedom is absolute, not relative. It is not conditioned by anything.

There is only one solution for total liberation and that is to dissolve any idea of a "me" who thinks that it isn't already free to begin with.

The only thing standing between you and happiness is a thought, and that thought is the concept of a “me” who believes it is somehow lacking, incomplete, unhappy, or unworthy. It is bound only by itself.

The troublesome me-thought is perpetuated only through its relentless search for relevance, purpose, pleasure and significance. Ironically, when it is emptied of its searching, all meaning is found.

Unqualified freedom can only be realized when you no longer self-identify with the “me" who enslaves itself through its endless grasping. As long as “you” remain relative, your sense of well-being will continue to be conditioned by the subjective concepts you believe in.

When the identity of the conceptual mind's false “me” is no longer sustained through its endless story-telling, the imagined self will be exposed to be the very prison in which it was confined.

Be free from the prison of “me”.

The ego does not exist without any of the personalized thoughts that think it into being. Just forget yourself entirely—you are too self-obsessed. Just let it all go—starting with the belief that there is a “me” that needs to do anything at all, for that is how the problem began.

Stop dividing yourself from yourself. Become selfless. This is true freedom—freedom from the false self.

The true self is not individual at all, it is the undivided presence of awareness in which your entire universe exists within.

See yourself as All That Is and freedom will be found everywhere, within everything, and within every moment—undivided and Absolute.