Your opinions only imprison yourself

words & design by Brian Thompson.

When you define a form (that is, any perceived thought, emotion, sensation, or phenomenal appearance, including all people, places, objects and things), you trap it inside a concept you've created for it.

In doing so, you essentially freeze how you perceive the form—but only within mind. You imprison a thing by the labels you impose upon it. But in reality, the form remains formless and free, while you on the other hand, become limited and bound by whatever concept you've projected onto its otherwise empty and perfect appearance.

Your opinions only imprison yourself.

All apparent forms are in fact, formless—empty of any definition or independent meaning. All seeming things and appearances are amorphous—as are you.

But through the mind's habit of labelling everything it interacts with, it divides and isolates them, and you become attached to your concept of a thing. It's not even the thing itself that you become attached to it, it’s your idea of the thing.

You assert duality onto a form’s empty presence through your objectification of it, not seeing its true unicity, harmony and impermanence.

When you define something, you falsely limit it, and in doing so you also limit yourself. You constrict your entire world into a tightened ball, one that is bound by your subjective opinions. And so, this is why the world that you perceive is an illusion—everything you see is an emanation of mind—including whatever you think about your own sense of self.

Free yourself from the dream of imagined duality.

The truth within every moment is clogged by your concepts. No longer believe in the discernments, judgements, opinions, and definitions that you habitually label things with—see through them entirely.

Pleasure and pain, happiness and sorrow—do you see how these dualities are created entirely by mind? As long as you cling to your definitions of things, you will be bound to the wheel of perpetual suffering.

Become the witness to your body-mind mechanism and understand how their autonomous processes work.

Observe how the mind tries to divide every experience into separate pieces, ignoring the totality of its indivisible whole. See the opinions that the mind casts onto these so-called separate things that you perceive. Notice how you feel when you believe in any of these thoughts that appear to you. Observe how the mind wraps things inside of its imagined story-telling, conceptualizing a thing even further, wrapping it even tighter inside of its falsely-created mental projection.

Now… notice how you are not the mind—you are the one observing it.

Allow this new self-awareness to blossom into an ever-present witnessing presence that pervades every moment. Observe all of your apparent thoughts and behaviours—not being critical of them, just simply aware.

Once these tendencies are exposed by the light of your ever-present awareness, these habits of mind will begin to fade. Your subjective opinions will wane and as you continue to question your mind, you will no longer take any of its projections seriously. The mind will lose its hold over you.

End your reliance upon the definitions and concepts you apply onto the world. Uncover a much happier and more peaceful reality—one that is true, unblemished, and undivided by ego.

Be empty—no longer limit yourself—and be free.