Reader Question: How is everything "a reflection of me"?

words and design by Brian Thompson.

Reader Question:

You often say that everything is a reflection of me, and that I am the source of everything. I don’t understand this teaching, can you explain it further?


As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. As a man sees in his heart, so he sees. Through unclean windows, lenses, senses, we see things not as they are but as we are.

All that you ever experience is the contents of your own consciousness, which the mind projects onto the empty (or, neutral) truth of reality, which then creates the perception you perceive—one that appears to be real and true, but one that only exists for you.

In other words, you only experience your opinions of things, and not their actual truth.

Your experience of reality is distorted by your knowledge, memories and experiences, and is shaped by every teaching and piece of cultural conditioning that you’ve been subject to throughout your entire life.

In other words, you see what you believe, and these beliefs create reality, as you perceive it to be.

To illustrate this point, if we both read the same book, or listen to the same piece of music, or look out the same window, our experiences would be completely different since our inner point of view and perspective are entirely different. We would experience only our own mental projections of things, as they have been shaped by our years of conditioning and the beliefs they have thereby created, which we have unknowingly become attached to and have created our self-identity through, and as.

And this is the dream of life.

The conditioned mind rolls every perception and sensation into its own assumptions. We then experience a world that is a created by our collected beliefs and all of the mutual understandings we each use to express ourselves, and to navigate life, and all of its social interactions. Most people would never think of questioning even the most basic of our assumptions—an apple is an apple, a tree is a tree, and this body, is me.

But the world as we perceive it, is false. It is virtual. It is unreal. It is imagined. We assume the appearance of things to be real, overlooking their unspoken essence.

The conditioned consciousness reflects a person's mind, not reality, creating an experience that is limited to the subjective nature of one's beliefs. As such, absolutely everything that is experienced is an emanation of mind.

Thoughts create a false reality.

They obscure the beauty of the non-dual truth with their conceptual notions and habitual tendencies (such as being stuck in a negative, anxious, or depressed state of mind).

To the “enlightened” however, one is awakened to the mind's conceptual projections and recognizes them immediately as the illusions that they are—transcending them entirely, and seeing the truth, as it is, rather than as one thinks it is.

To see and experience truth, you must be empty of “you”.

The mind must be emptied of its assumptions, cultural agreements and conditionings, and one’s consciousness must be completely open and surrendered to every experience, in every moment, without any bias, tainted memory, fear, desire, or prejudice—empty of any egoic or mental projection. The false sense-of-self must be dissolved entirely, including every conceptual notion that its illusory separate identity was built upon.

In other words, the “subject” (the separate entity that one perceives themselves to be) must merge into the “objects” it perceives, becoming one unified and harmonious experience of consciousness within the presence of awareness, without any limiting personal interpretations.

The seer and the seen must merge into the seeing.

No division. No separation. Be the consciousness you already are; see truly, empty of self, empty of mind’s limiting projections.

The truth of reality is absolute perfection—but our desire to control it with our personalized opinions creates a false duality, whose by-product is tension, stress, and suffering. So, to free ourselves from this false reality that is responsible for all of our imagined problems and emotional pain, we must ignore the mind entirely. We must forget our self. We must question every thought and every belief, no longer assuming any of its projections to be true.

Awaken from the dream and identify as awareness, and not the mind, not the body, nor any of the apparent things that seem to appear within it. Be conscious of consciousness, realizing that nothing is what it seems to be. Realize that all phenomena is merely an appearance, while you, a presence of consciousness, remain the unshakeable and unchangeable foundation of reality that all manifestations rely upon.

You, pure consciousness, are the Absolute Reality. Not you, the person, but you, the presence.

Our human experience is limited and confined by the conditioned consciousness, but to the unlimited consciousness that is fully awake and aware, the human experience is infinite and unbound—free of “me".