The Trap of Personal Opinion

words & design by Brian Thompson.

You ensnare yourself with every like and dislike, and with every fear and desire you unknowingly set yourself up to fail. In doing so, you pit the entire world against itself—the very place you call home.

It is your opinions alone that bind you to your sense of upset, overwhelm, stress, anxiety, anger, despair, jealousy, and all manner of personalized suffering. Whether they be judgements about your personal sense of self, or critical discernments regarding the world in which you interact with and live; you create your own emotional pain.

Every critical notion that you conceive is a divisive belief that separates you further from realizing the peace of your true Self nature, which is the undivided calmness and clarity of your presence of awareness.

With every like and dislike you insert yourself inside a virtual reality where you are in continual conflict with the world around you; resisting this and craving that, avoiding this and needing that. And in such a way, life becomes a rat race—forever chasing a piece of cheese that you can never seem to get enough of—always exhausting yourself on the hedonic treadmill that has no end.

As long as you allow your sense of wellbeing to be entirely determined by your moment-to-moment opinion of every sensation that you perceive (which is altogether out of your control), then you will forever be bound to the cycle of suffering. Your happiness will then only rely upon nothing but the falsity of surface-level appearances and your attitude towards them.

It must be realized that happiness can not be found in that which has no lasting truth, so when you attach your heart onto that which will soon disappear, tarnish, break or fade, then your heart will soon undoubtedly break.

Inner peace and contentment can only be realized through an unshakeable and quieted mind, one that is no longer stirred by needless opinion or conjecture. This is the effortless ease of just Being, as found within the blissful grace of your already-calm natural Self presence.

No longer divide happiness away from yourself.

Pop the bubble of your dreamlike subjectivity—no longer tolerate your ego to tear every moment apart with its endless analysis, criticism, and disapproval of whatever characteristics that happen to appear. Accept the present moment for all that it IS. There is no peace to be found in denying reality or in arguing with its already-present is-ness.

No longer allow your wellbeing to be disrupted by a moody egoic mind that wants to endlessly search for a happiness that is already present underneath its very nose. Happiness can only be realized in the fullness of the here and now, but only when your experience of it is undistracted by interference from the conceptual and subjective mind.

Free your Self from yourself. Just Be, effortlessly. You don’t need to invest so much emotional energy into your opinions.