We might appear to be different, but we are not separate

words & design by Brian Thompson.

The awareness that radiates through me is no different than the awareness shining through you.

We are both aware to the same degree. Without our awareness, nothing could be. You sense things identically as I do, it’s only how we perceive those perceptions that differs.

Behind every experience is our awareness; it is the background upon which all things are sensed, felt and experienced. All perceived things are projected onto it. It is the empty, pure palette upon which all of our dreams are painted, regardless of whether we be asleep or awake.

And so, when it is said that “We are all one", this isn't just some type of new age metaphor pandering for peace, love and understanding; it’s actually quite literal. My true Self—my conscious awareness, the root of my being—is not only identical to yours, it is one and the same.

We share the same awareness, just as we share the same light of the sun.

There is only one awareness, just as there is only one sun, and it is the underlying essence that illuminates all that is; and without which we would be unable to experience anything.

Our awareness is not a thing, but in it, all things appear. It is empty of any attribute, but in it, all attributes become clear. It has no opinions, but in it, all opinions become known.

It is in this nothingness in which all that is, IS. This is our shared Self. It is unborn, it is undying, it is eternal and infinite. It has no form and no boundaries, neither in space nor in time.

When I look into your eyes, I see my Self. When I look into the eyes of an otter playing in the sea, I see my Self. When I gaze at a tree swaying in the forest, I see my Self. When I see a hummingbird flitting from one branch to another, I see my Self. When I see the ocean crest and swell, I see my Self. When I look upon the moon, I see my Self.

I see my Self in all things.

You are aware, just as am I. Our bodies and minds might be different, our memories and experiences quite unalike, and our opinions and perspectives might be altogether opposite, but that which enables all such things to arise within, is shared.

We might appear as opposites, but we are not opposed. We might appear to be different, but we are not separate. We share the same awareness, it animates us both. My true self is your true self; just like the light of the sun—there is only one.

Be aware of your own awareness, and you too will come to realize this unshakeable truth.