The thinker is an illusion, there is only the thinking itself

words & design by Brian Thompson.

All things are predetermined by everything that has come before it.

Everything, even our thoughts themselves, are a cosmic convergence.

Do not be mistaken by the ego’s claim to be the creator of your thoughts. Thoughts are not ‘yours', you only perceive them. There is nothing ‘you’ have done to bring them (or anything else for that matter) into being. They are not your personal creation.

There is no thinker.

Now, isn’t that a fantastic and clarifying relief? Step back from what you perceive as being 'your own’. Yes, you are their only witness, but that changes nothing. Do you claim responsibility for growing the hair on top of your head? Do you claim ownership of each and every sneeze? Did you will each one into being? Of course not—thinking, and everything else our body does, is no different.

There is no doer, there is only things being done.

ALL events and appearances happen in accordance with the Universal Way, the Tao, the forever-flowing river of conscious continuity that we call life.

The entire universe conspires together to create each and every thought, not unlike the blooming of a cherry blossom on a tree, not unlike a drop of dew on a blade of freshly grown grass.

The universe converges into localized events that we call earth, flowers, plants, animals, waves, wind, fire and man. Each unique appearance then gives rise to even more apparent events and subsequent appearances, including the illusion of man creating his own thoughts and being the doer of all that he has appeared to have done.

All such actions are predetermined however, shaped by all that has preceded it throughout the entirety of the cosmos, conditioned by biology (or lack thereof), sentience and environmental conditioning, including its so-called accident of birth, or rather, when and where each apparent manifestation arose.

There is no why. There is no reason. There is no intent. There is no volition.

There is only the forever unfolding of interdependent co-arising happenings. All of them brief and impermanent appearances in the illusion of space time—all of them entirely unreal and non-existent on their own.

Can we say a mound of soil is intentionally ‘doing’ something of its own faculty when a seed germinates within its earthen embrace? Can we say a woman is intentionally ‘doing’ something of her own free will when she clears her throat or scratches her nose?

All happenings are predetermined spontaneous arisings, no-thing can be anything other than what it Is. All actions are unborn—there is no true cause for anything, outside of its conscious perceiving.

Within you, Consciousness, all apparent things appear. Because you Are, all things exist. Without you, nothing would be.

The thought that we have ‘done’ something is merely an after-thought of mind, a by-product created by an ego who wants to claim everything as its own. Realize that your apparent ‘doer-ship’ is nothing but an illusion of mind.

When you speak, from where do the words arise? They flow, do they not? What makes you say the words you hear yourself speak? Do you honestly believe it is ‘you’? If so, who is this ‘you’ that has exerted such an incredible act of volition to create something out of nothing? Surely, this is the work of a God! And in truth, you—Consciousness—could indeed be given that name, if you so choose. But that’s just a concept, another illusion of apparent appearance. You—Consciousness—are Absolute. You alone, ARE. There is no event that appears outside of You, as all things happen within You—Awareness.

The ‘you’ who you believe is the doer of all that you have done, is itself only a thought, or rather, a parcel of thoughts wrapped tightly together with the twine of past rememberings. Realize that there is no entity within you, there is only the witnessing consciousness that is your true Self, that simply arises within your bodily manifestation that is then expressed as, I AM.

The thinker is an illusion—in truth, there is only the thinking. There is only its perceiving. There is only its knowing, and you are that knowing presence in which all such apparent happenings appear.

Do not believe you are attached to your thoughts.

Watch each appear, but remain unconcerned, unbothered and uninvolved with their content.

You are not the thinker of your thoughts, so do not be boastful or sorrowful for whatever happens to appear. Let each one go—cling not—allow them to freely pass like a dandelion floating in a breeze.

Be forever still as the mindful observer that you truly are. This is the Peace of Being.

Let me be clear however, this is not an excuse to no longer be responsible for your apparent actions.

There is no denying it—there is an incredibly convincing illusion of free will. You are clearly within a dream which has an appearance of personal agency, faculty and volition.

To be aware of the dream, and to be its witness it as it unfolds, isn’t to reject the dream—no, it is to accept it as the play of appearances that it truly is.

As long as you remain inside the dream you must play your part—just don’t get lost in the drama and believe that you are the character you appear to be playing.

Your person (your character) has a role to play, so just go along with the script and put on the best performance you can, in accordance with the Tao—without taking any of it personally... and, enjoy the show!