"You" are not the thinker, "you" are being thought

Words and design by Brian Thompson.

One of the greatest epiphanies I've ever had is that all "self-talk" is false. What a relief!

Whenever you catch yourself talking about yourself, you have an incredible opportunity to awaken to the truth of your being.

Realize that you are nothing that you can ever mentally conceive of. You are an unidentifiable, invisible presence of pure consciousness, and all of the self-talk of "I, me, my, and mine” are nothing but false notions of mind.

Realize that "you” are not the thinker, but rather, "you" are being thought.

Thinking creates a mental image of “you” that you mistakenly believe to be true. You then self-identify with this false self-image and attach all of your emotions onto it—including the sense of personal lack. What you then perceive as your personal self is nothing but a bundle of imagined thoughts. None of it true.

This is the cause of your unhappiness and discontent.

Freedom is found in identifying as the presence of pure awareness that you are, and not with anything that appears within it—including all thoughts and feelings.

When this "selfing activity” of the ego is exposed for the fraudulent process that it truly is, a great relief is felt.

The burden you've unknowingly been carrying your entire life is lifted. You are not the story-of-self that you’ve always believed you were. In fact, it doesn't actually exist.

What you are, here and now, is a presence of unbound consciousness—it’s what you’ve always been, what you are now, and what you always will be. No personalized story can contain such an infinite and indescribable thing.

When your self-identity is seen as the mirage-of-mind that it is, the illusion of self-created suffering dissolves into awareness.