Video Blog: I am the one being thought

Set aside the next 20 minutes to absorb these contemplations of non-duality. Turn off any distractions, find some silence and empty your mind, giving yourself some inner-spaciousness to consider what's being shared.

In this video I discuss a line I wrote the other day that I wanted to share with you, which is:

"I am not the one thinking, I am the one being thought."

In other words, you are not what you think—you are the awareness in which all thoughts, feelings, and perceptions appear.

The false self is nothing other than the continued activity of identifying oneself with the stream of thoughts that happen to arise. Outside of this mental activity of personally relating to whatever appears within mind (which I call, selfing), the false self has nothing to sustain its illusory existence.

We don’t suffer from reality, we suffer from the ego's opinions of reality. If you rid yourself of the egoic self, you will be free from the bundle of false ideas that bind you to the discontent and dissatisfaction you routinely experience in life.

Be the witness to your mind—not its slave.

No longer tolerate the inner-narration and continuity of discursive thought that only serves to bolster the imagined identity that you needlessly suffer from.

Much love,