Be in the world, but not of the world—unconditioned and relative to nothing

words & design by Brian Thompson.

Do not give any sensation the power of your implicit belief.

Do not be self-involved with any of the images that dance on the screen of your awareness. Be free of them entirely!

Simply observe, neutrally—peacefully detached from all happenings of the world, including all mental goings-on of mind.

When you become psychologically attached to any of the things you perceive, it is your belief in them that becomes the fertile soil in which the ego grows, which then sprouts into weeds of falsely conceived personal confusion, delusion, and emotional suffering.

All belief is invasive. It infects the absolute truth with false appearances, tainting our perception of reality itself. In other words, belief allows that which is conceptual to overtake the real. It allows that which is merely an illusion of mind to overwhelm the peaceful and empty space it appears within.

Look inwards. Reflect on your own experience of being. Know yourself as the only truth there is.

What does your self-existence depend upon? I don’t mean your body-mind mechanism, but your presence of beingness; does it depend upon the outside world? Do you require the environment around you, to know that you exist? Does your sense of I Am require anything to know itself, as itself? Or is your very presence, here and now, self-realized within its own innate awareness?

Realize that which appears to exist is always limited, because that which appears will eventually disappear. That which is born will always die. Therefore all existence is unreal; it simply isn’t true. It is an illusion that exists only within the conceptual distortion of a mind that conceives the presence of space and time.

Only the Absolute is true and that is You, the All-Pervading Self.

You see, we suffer from a problem of self mis-identification. We mistake ourself to be defined by things of the world, rather than by consciousness itself. We mistake the formless essence for the impermanent forms it briefly manifests as.

In other words, you perceive yourself to be the subject of every experience, rather than as an object of consciousness that only perceives itself.

It is this misperception-of-self that keeps one bound to endless waves of emotional suffering. You must no longer see yourself as being a separate, independent subject who is relative to the fluctuations of all worldly phenomena.

Your true Self is free of temporal existence—it is infinite, undefined, and eternal.

Realize this by remaining forever self-aware of all sensory perceptions—but don’t identify yourself with them, as them, or through them. Simply remain the silent witness—unattached; forever free. Mentally quiet and conceptually un-engaged.

Be in the world, but not of the world—unconditioned and relative to nothing.

Transcend all apparent appearances of mind, sensory perception, and physical manifestation—abide only in that which is forever-unchanging, your ever-present presence of perceiving—the Absolute—awareness itself.

Remain true to your Self, not the spontaneous and temporary illusions that appear within it.

This is the peaceful and loving essence of being, satcitananda—truth, consciousness, bliss.

Transmute the mundane and realize the infinite that you truly are.