All things crumble under intense scrutiny

words by Brian Thompson, photo by Jennifer Picard Photography.

All things crumble under intense scrutiny, including your perceived sense of self and all that you believe.

When placed under the spotlight of an inward-facing focus, all knowledge dissolves, leaving only the direct experience of awareness itself.

Not even the ego can survive such a visceral vivisection.

Believe nothing.

Be not firm in your opinions, nor fixed in your beliefs. The less you claim to know, the more you'll understand. This is the purity of experience, untainted by mind. What else is needed, beyond pure realization itself?

Knock down the locked doors of perception with ruthless introspection. Be tireless in your pursuit of truth and behold the limitless beauty that no words can ever express.

Nothing needs to be said. It only needs to be felt, to be known.

Your self-inquiry will reveal all.

Never settle for the feedback that echoes from your mind. Destroy it, fragment by fragment, piece by piece. Smash your beliefs like an atom in search for the quantum truth.

No thing can be properly described, nor fully understood, independent of anything else. Any attempt will only turn up false, no matter how convincing it seems. In truth, nothing stands alone. Our existence is entirely correlated, no form or object is separate; not even your self.

Be entangled by your illusory perceptions no more. Zoom out — there is only one, and it is whole.

You are that.

Turn around, face yourself, and look deep within. Determine for yourself, and see the infinite Absolute.