It is I, Infinity.

words & design by Brian Thompson.

“The clock indicates the moment—but what does eternity indicate?” —Walt Whitman

The universe isn’t concerned with measuring or weighing things. It doesn’t keep track, it doesn’t compare, it doesn’t keep count. There is no dividing this apart from that; all things are blended, all things are considered together as one.

Nothing is flagged as a favourite. No moment is picked as the best. None is treated more favourably than the next.

I am all who’ve come before me, just I am all who will follow. There is only All of This, which, together forms All of Us; from all time present and all time past.

Here I stand, here I breathe—this is what I call “me”. But, I know there is no me—I am a dichotomy—I know I cannot be kept. I will not last. There is nothing to hold onto. My self is no more real than a cloud fading in the sky.

I am me, but I am not. I am a dream of time, being.

I am consciousness, awake. I am all that is, taking a fascinating breath. I am every mountain, I am every tree—I am every moment that’s come before any of these.

The universe has no concern with whatever's happened previously, nor for whatever's coming next. There is only the eternal now—there is only ever this. There is no such reason, purpose, or meaning the universe concerns itself with—all such concepts dissolve into infinity.

Every moment is in transition, and yet, everything remains absolutely the same. Nothing is added, nothing is taken away. Together, all things remain.

Here I stand, facing all of infinity; empty of burden in the face of the eternal oneness—alive, conscious and aware—disturbed only by mistakes of my own perception, bothered only by that which I falsely make personal, while All That Is, remains perfect, unchangeable, absolute and true.

Here I stand, gazing into the vast sea of infinite awareness—the very same consciousness that flows through the very being of my being-ness.

It is me. It is us. It is that. It is this. It is them. It is we, Awareness.

Hello world, can you hear me? It is I, Infinity.

"Let your soul stand cool and composed before a million universes." —Walt Whitman

Photo and design by Brian Thompson.